Spring Weddings are Here – Creating Your Garden Wedding

Spring signifies new beginnings. It mostly emphasized the genesis of growth and the coming of new life. And, what better day to plan a spring wedding than now from mid-June? This is actually the most popular time for nuptials, and more and more couples are choosing to marry outside their local wedding halls and opting to marry in parks or in beautiful gardens where they can create great memories of their big day. If you are also considering to having a garden wedding, here are some fun factors to think about:

A Grand Wedding

There are a lot of great places where you can have a luxurious wedding. How about getting married in England? They may have an unpredictable weather, but their gardens always look their best in spring and early summer, and couples will never have a hard time creating that perfect romantic backdrop. For a grand wedding, you can buy a wedding at Highclere Castle, where the film “Downton Abbey” was made. This place is a wedding haven since it is completed with gardens and grounds.

A Modest Wedding

Sure enough, not all of us can afford to fly half across the world and pretend that we are one of those rich and famous. If you have more of a modest budget, consider having a country inn and bed and breakfast type of wedding with beautiful gardens surrounding the area. Recently, private owners of fabulous gardens have also joined the wedding business, which now allow brides to choose their location for their big day at a not so expensive deal.

A Wedding At Home

Nothing can beat the time-honored tradition of a wedding at the home of the bride’s parents. It is a ceremony that allows a father to give away his daughter and provide her with the blessing she needs as she starts anew. To a bride, it also signifies an end to an old journey as she leaves her former home with her husband. It is a powerful symbol of a new beginning as it poses the start of life between a husband and a wife.

With so many great places where you can set up a garden wedding, there is also no doubt that you are taking a risk. Outdoor weddings are not vulnerable to harsh wind and torrential rains. To create a successful event, here are some things that can help you out:

  • Make sure the climate is right. Check for the local climate records in your area and pick a time with low rainfall, warm days and frost-free nights. Also, be certain that the wedding location will not get muddy or flood when it rains.
  • Choose a suitable date. Planning a long time ahead is the key to a successful garden wedding. This would mean that you will need to find out if the garden in your site would be blooming at the date you wanted. It may be difficult to find out whether the roses would be blooming at your specified date, however, careful planning and timing is essential.
  • Have a backup plan. While you may have your mind set up with a no rain incident for your big day, it may also be a good idea to have a backup plan by setting up a tent. There are different types of tents and you can go with one, with windows so guests can see your garden. If the weather is ideal, roll up the tent’s sides and create a canopy to provide shade to guests.
  • Make them comfortable. Older guests may prefer to sit down in places where they can avoid the sun, wind and rain. The same goes for those women who just want to relax their feet from wearing stiletto heels. Offer them choices by providing them a few tables and chairs under canvas gazebos or garden umbrellas.
  • Creating a themed wedding. With the colors of your garden as your basis, decorate the tent and the tables. But, make sure to still make it simple since your garden is still the star, beside from you.
  • Prepare  the sound system. Since you are going to have a garden wedding, your guests may not hear you as you give your vows. Rent a P.A system so that your guests can hear you clearly at the ceremony and even during speeches at the reception.
  • Tell your neighbors you are getting married. If you are going to have a backyard wedding, make sure that your neighbors know about it. Ask them if you can use their driveway for your other guests and apologize in advance for the noise your wedding may create. But, if you are close to them, just invite them.
  • Invite the kids. While some couples may not want to have kids at the wedding, creating a garden wedding is a perfect venue for kids since they can easily play around in the area. But, just to be certain that they are well-taken cared, hire a professional nanny to look after babies and toddlers.