10 Affordable and Popular Wedding Venues to Think About

Do you know that it is possible to find a wedding location for $2,000 to $7,000? And, in today’s slow economy it may not even be practical to spend $20,000 even if it is for your own wedding. Don’t worry because there are a lot of great places where you can celebrate your union and probably spend less than $2,000 for the venue. Let nature and your own community give you a wedding that you deserve without spending a lot.

To help you with your search, here are some affordable wedding venues to think about.

Public Beaches. Having your wedding in a private resort would let you spend more. But, if you want to spend less, find a suitable public beach that can accommodate you and your guests. Just be certain to know the rules and get the permits in advance before deciding on a spot. Visit your local beach administration and ask for their booking fees. The fee is considerably not that big compared to private resorts, but with the right planning, the effect will just be the same. Just prepare for the weather since it is unpredictable and have a backup plan in case the weather changes.

Local, State and National Parks. Your local park can easily provide you with a great outdoor wedding. They normally have spectacular views with a gazebo and ponds that will look perfect on photos. If you think this is the right place, contact your local park administration and ask for their booking fees and rules for the place. The great part about choosing your national park is that the fees are not that expensive and may just even cost you around $150 (depending on the park), and would still give a great backdrop for your photos. If you want to get more information on more than 400 national parks, visit the National Parks Foundation website. Once you have decided on your venue, make sure that you also check their electrical facilities and if the weather is going to be perfect for that day.

Home Backyard. One of the best places to hold your matrimonial ceremony is just right in your own backyard or your parents backyard. No need to pay the rent since it will be free. You will just have to rent the tables and chairs and you are all set. Just make sure that your city does not require permits for large outdoor weddings and invite your neighbors so no one will complain about the day.

Community Center. You may think that a wedding in a community center is not elegant, but a dark community center can easily be transformed into something totally magical if decorated and lighted properly. Community centers are perfect for large weddings on a budget. So if you are going to have one, then this is the right spot for you.

University Campuses. Getting married inside your own campus especially if you just graduated from it can be very meaningful plus they provide discounts since it is your alma mater. As universities usually have their own churches, ballrooms and reception centers couples can take advantage of it since they are often cheaper than other locations. You may easily get a party room for just $750 or a ballroom for $1,200.

Historic Sites. If you and your partner love your history check out the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places Database for the perfect historic sites. Art deco buildings, Southern plantations and more are just some of your choices.

Museums. Your local museum is another perfect location where you can have a great wedding photos since museums are designed with giant chandeliers, elaborate woodwork, high ceilings, and other fancy décor.

Restaurants. This place is perfect if you are planning a smaller wedding. You can easily book a banquet or a private room that can accommodate your guests.

Bed and Breakfasts. If you want to save more for your destination wedding, having a bed and breakfast type of wedding can be the perfect solution. Your out-of-town guests can also rent a room right there, so most would get the same benefits that you will be getting.

Botanical Gardens. Botanical gardens will allow you to save on flowers while enjoying the great savings it provides. Since they are mostly owned by cities or nonprofit organizations, you will be able to get great rates from them. Some outdoor venues cost $900 to $1,150 while indoor venues may cost $1,000 to $4,500.