Tips to Creating a Modern but Classy Black-and-White Wedding

Creating a black-and-white event will bring couples to new shades, prints and textures as it makes the classic appeal even more attractive. This theme is perfect for extravagant, large weddings. However, this could also be perfect for an intimate event with just a couple of guests. This theme is one of the simplest to do and yet it will bring your wedding into new heights of stardom.

Plan your theme

Formal comes to mind when preparing a black-and-white wedding, but you can still create a relaxed mood to spice your theme a bit. Do this by creating a modern theme or an art deco. To make your theme modern add a splash of red here and there. Add gold or silver to the black and white color scheme to create an art deco.  Use your imagination when adding an accent color, but make sure that you will not confuse your guests about your theme. Just keep it to a minimum and do not add more. Too much of a third color and your black and white theme may be ruined.

Ideas for the theme with a color accent:

  • Let your bridesmaids carry two flowers such as a white flower and the other color as an accent
  • The groomsmen can wear a red rose for their boutonniere
  • Choose a silver or gold vase for the reception tables

Choosing the invitations

Your wedding invitation will set the tone for the event so make certain that you find the right paper for it. Incorporate fabrics or choose stationery that is already fabric-based. You could also present a hand lettered invitation or choose unique fonts to create that big impression on them.

Creating the décor

Let the flowers do the work for you especially when it comes to the ceremony. The concept of a black and white event is to lessen the decorations while still holding that sophisticated style. Classic and simple are the two main key here.

For the reception:

  • Use candelabras as centerpieces and white candles for the tables
  • Black or white table linens will also work fine
  • Have an ice sculpture
  • A reception with a water fountain will add depth to the theme

Dressing the bridal party

For the bride

  • Wear sleek lines with a little beading near the bottom of the dress
  • The bride could also wear a white dress with black detailing
  • Have fun with fabrics and textures

For the groom and groomsmen

  • Wear the classic tuxedo or mix it up with pinstripe suit

For the bridesmaids

  • Let them wear any type of black dress

Serving food and drinks

Have your wedding in the evening and the wedding reception after the supper hour so you are not obligated to serve dinner.

  • Light drinks with desserts are perfect for the night
  • Start with a good champagne to sparkle the table especially for the toast
  • Serve martinis after the toast
  • Have a dessert buffet table with dark chocolates and white confections
  • Choose a wedding cake with a black and white frosting

Choices of bands

Choosing the type of songs that are going to be played during such event is easy. Consider getting a jazz quartet or a small orchestra, or string quartet for the reception. A solo trumpeter playing “Ode to Joy” can be played during the ceremony.