Cooling Down a Hot Summer Wedding

Summertime is definitely one of the best seasons to get married. The weather, even hot, is when the skies are perfectly clear and there is no impending rain or snow to dampen the whole event. It’s that time of the year when people just choose to lie down and relax after endlessly working for hours and hours. Not many people choose to get married during the summer season, but instead during July and September when it’s really the wedding season. However, you can still turn summer weddings into fun and memorable weddings with the proper services and themes applied as a wedding motif.

Here are some tips to help you make a memorable summer wedding.

  • Go with the season’s best tastes. Watermelon and citrus fruits are among the famous harvests during summer. Serve this in your wedding, may be in slices as appetizers on each dining table. You can also suit the whole motif on citrus or other summer fruits. Also, instead of beers or a wine bar, why not serve cocktails with these fruits? It’s cooler and light to the tummy. During summer, it’s best to stay light on the food. Heavy meals and a hot weather don’t actually mix. Instead of cakes, serve pies. Also go for fresh vegetable salads. If you have to give in more, try serving fish like tuna or halibut. It’s also a good idea to have grilled foods. Nothing says summer better than grilled foods.
  • Suit up for summer. Don’t let the heat wear off your make-up. Get some no-melt makeup and mascara. The both of you should also apply sunscreen protection. Choose a lotion with a high SPF level to increase your protection from harmful UV rays. For clothing, take advantage of the season’s weather and wear relaxed clothes. If during other seasons where you conveniently plan for a formal wedding you have to wear grand gowns and tuxedos, summer clothing is more comfortable. Brides can wear tea-length dresses in flats, while grooms can wear linen or cotton semi-formal suits. Try to avoid black for summer. Wearing black kills the colorful vibe of summer, and it absorbs heat than other colors so people wearing black tend to feel heat more intensely.
  • Play the wonderful host. What’s the point of inviting guests if you won’t have to be a wonderful and brilliant host? Be more intuitive and think of possible scenarios in a summer wedding. If it’s an outdoor engagement, try to rent marquees or tents. It can help deflect sun’s rays when it’s sunny, or help shield the guests when an unprecedented rain comes. In the first place, though, you should not set your wedding date on hours that are very hot, which is usually from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Also prepare, or remind your guests to have, umbrellas just in case. It’s also a good idea to set your date near holidays like Independence Day or Labor Day so your guests, especially out-of-town friends or relatives, can take the time off for vacation. Also choose a venue where they can have activities if they come very early from out of town. Resorts and hotels, which have swimming pools, is a good summer wedding venue.
  • Pay attention to summer details. When we speak of summer events, we mustn’t miss out on cooling foods or items. You can rent ice cream trucks for your reception. It goes with a very colorful and bubbly wedding theme, which would be very much emphasized by buying balloons. It might look a bit like a child’s party, but balloons make a good emphasis on summer-themed events. The wedding soundtrack should also be light and cool to the ears. Try some light acoustic songs or a mariachi band. Nothing beats Mexican music on a hot day. Have them listen to that music in a cooling lounge area with a cocktail bar on the side and it’s a total summer heaven! It would help them relax before or after your wedding ceremonies or while on the wedding reception. It’s also a good place to put up as a get-together area for your guests to socialize.

Don’t think of summer as only beach weddings, though they are also great summer wedding ideas. With these tips, you can have all the summer fun for your wedding even just at your backyard! Just remember that what guests find in a summer wedding aside from celebrating with you is also a chance to cool down and take a rest, as it’s a happy summer break.