Choosing a Country Themed Wedding and Ideas for A Rustic Affair

Do you know that even when you are choosing a country style wedding that there are also different types of country weddings? Well, there are western country weddings, country chic weddings, old southern country weddings, and so many more. With these country events, couples can show a very rustic side to their special day. However, it is important to find a location that speaks about the type of wedding you will be having.

A country themed wedding is quite different from a traditional ceremony and reception. Guests are more able to relax and enjoy the scenery and fresh air of the country while the couple can show a less pomp, but more of their personality type of affair.

Country Wedding Ideas

The Décor. Create a rustic ceremony décor by using golden garlands of wheat to accessorize the pews and rafters of the chapel. Dried wheat is commonly available all year-round, which makes this a great DIY project before the big day. Wheat represents bounty and wealth. You could also incorporate this at the reception by creating a horseshoe shape out of wheat. Horseshoe represents luck. The combination of wealth and luck may even work wonders on your big day.

The Favors. A sure way to make everyone know they are attending a country wedding is by preparing their own sheep and cow bells together with their escort cards. This will be a sure hit to everyone as they can easily locate their seats in time for supper plus they will have their own wedding favor. You could also choose edible favors such as berry basket favors, Tuscan favors, salted caramel bars, and more.

The Bouquet. Have the florist create a wild bouquet with the use of chamomile, heather, and coreopsis. The combination of these, will make a perfect poetic statement to a grand day. You could also choose clusters of blue-black privet berries that will easily stand out against sweet peas, narcissus, and star-shaped ornithogalum. These combination will create a charmingly rustic bouquet.

The Arrangements. Choose brightly colored flowers placed in mismatched vases to create some quirky attitude. You could also choose brightly colored floral centerpieces and small candles to set the tone for a romantic scene.

The Food. Serve a sumptuous Italian buffet to set the tone for the reception. How about some comfort food like bar-b-ques and baked beans and corn on the cob, or fried chicken and mashed potatoes? You could also serve a sweet dessert buffet with crumbly tarts, a lattice-topped pie, and meringue with syrup fruit.

The Cake. Let your baker serve fresh strawberries top stacked pound cakes instead of the traditional biscuits.

The End. Give your guests, burlap sachets filled with black sunflower seeds to toss at the night’s end. This can also be an eco-friendly option especially if you are going to have your wedding in a ranch where golden-cheeked warblers can gobble the seeds up.

Places for a Country Wedding

Backyard Weddings

This type of event can be a perfect place for a rustic backyard wedding. The size of any backyard event can range from small to large events while the decor can just come from a few picnic tables to a completely tented wedding.

Barn Weddings

Just like farm weddings, a barn wedding can be dressed up or down depending on the style and decor of the affair. There are so many venues that can cater to barn weddings all over the country. They also come in different shapes and sizes so it is inevitable that you will be able to find the right country barn wedding for you.

Rustic Country Weddings

Rustic country weddings are mostly influenced by the nature that surrounds the area. A couple can host an elegant wedding, vintage event, farm wedding, ranch wedding and so many more.

Southern Country Weddings

Southern country weddings can happen in plantations, walnut groves, cotton warehouses, apple farms, and so on. The styles also vary depending on the size and venue of the place.

No matter where the location is, better use natural, beautiful decorations. So, get those creative juices pumping and think about the country. Make the most of the natural elements by using beautiful decorations that does not have an expensive price tag. And, the most important step in creating a country wedding is to personalize it. Your own images of how your country wedding should be, should come to life with a combination of your imagination and creativity.