8 Great Gatsby Wedding Ideas

The Great Gatsby movie that is based on a classic novel has now set the tone for vintage weddings. With its sensational costumes, brides and grooms are now inspired to take their wedding into a new level of nostalgia. If you are going to have your own wedding, why not go back further in time by creating your own Gatsby-inspired wedding? You do not need a time machine to go back to 1920; you just need to be inspired!

Gatsby style is all about the glitz, glamour and affluence. With its art deco sequins, feathers, pearls and geometric patterns that are more retro than ever, it is high time brides get their own taste of The Great Gatsby wedding. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

Get Inspirations!

Start by researching parties during that era through books and magazines at your local library. You could also go to Pinterest since they provide a lot of great inspirations. You can also read the book itself or watch the movie adaptation and know why F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is an iconic piece of American Fiction.

Retro Wedding Invitation

Set the mood for a Gatsby-inspired wedding by providing invitations that have geometric patterns and symmetric designs. If you want your guests to join the Gatsby theme, make sure to mention this on your invites. Picking the right looking 1920s invitation will clearly indicate your motif.

Choosing the Color

There are endless choices for this type of theme. You are not limited with your choices as long as you can capture the essence of the time. You can combine six color choices that will show up in flowers to the centerpieces, to the attire, to the stationery up to the dishes and candle holders. Some of the colors may just show up in small details, but will play their part as they add depth to the theme.

Wedding color schemes:

• Neutral theme – black, gray, taupe, beige, pink, hint, cream

• Metallic – black, shades of gray, old gold, steel blue, pale gray

• Bold deco – black, champagne, deep red, navy, white and silver

• Tropical deco -black, pink, fiesta blue, salmon, yellow, and fiesta green

Sparkle it Up

Scattered gold confetti, pearl wrapped and glitter covered wine bottles, rhinestone rimmed silver votives, brooch embellished candles and so many more are just some great ways to sparkle it up. But, do remember to keep it simple. When it comes to vintage decor  less is also more. If you still cannot resist the temptation to splurge in decoration make certain that what you are going to add will make a quirky, but charming touch to the event.

Bride’s Choices

For the bride, a great choice for a wedding dress is a dress that belongs in the Jazz age with its arcs of sequins. Look for a sequin sheath bridal dress with a sexy slit and a clean silhouette. Pair this with a sleek strappy sandal that is elegant and practical for a first dance.

Of course, an elegant looking ‘20s bride will not be completed without a crystal deco hair bandeaux. There are so many styles for this type of accessory, but this is most commonly found in Swarovski crystals that can comfortable add to the glamour of the wedding dress.

Let the Groom Play Gatsby

A black lapel tuxedo will do the trick in making the groom play the part of Gatsby. He will fit like he came straight from the past and into your future.

Dress Up the Bridal Party

Choose dresses that will let your bridesmaid play their part, then add accessories like pillbox hats, birdcage veils, and Art Deco jewelry.

Gatsby Style

The Great Gatsby is all about wild parties, glamour and romance. So why not have a cocktail party where you can serve a number of alcoholic beverages mixed with ice, carbonized water and fruit syrup? For a Gatsby party, serve plenty of quality gin and whiskey and large finger-bowls of champagne a la Gatsby. There were two cocktails mentioned in the book, which were the Gin Rickey and Mint Julep, you can also feature those cocktails for the night just to add fun.