Saving up for the Big Wedding Day

The worst wedding nightmare is when your honeymoon dreams are ran over with the stash of credit card bills that are sent to you right after the ceremonies. If you start saving up for your wedding at an early time, you won’t have to deal with this. Plan your wedding finances and save up for it rather  than paying your wedding gifts to caterers and the floral shops instead for your new dream home or car. If you don’t save up for your wedding as early as now, you would miss a happy honeymoon. Here are some tips to help you budget for your very important day in your life.

Gather all Your Money

As early as now you should calculate, or if possible procure, all the money you have including your savings and the money your family or your relatives are planning to contribute. This way, you know which budget you would be playing at. Don’t just focus on the wedding ceremonies; also consider other events like the reception and the honeymoon. You should make a spreadsheet to properly account for all your money at hand.

Invest Early On

The good thing when you plan a wedding years from now is that you can save money very early and have a head start. For instance; planning your wedding two years instead of one can make you save twice as much than when you will save for one year alone. It’s also a good idea to invest it in the bank to earn interest.

Speaking of bank accounts, you should open a bank account exclusive to your wedding money. It helps the both of you to control your expenditures and to not hold the money that’s inside the account even when you’re short of money.

Turn Over your House for Money

All that clutter that makes your house, or old things that gather dust and cobwebs in your basement, have an equivalent value. You can sell them and have more money for your wedding. You have even helped yourself clean your house as an added benefit.

To do this, you need to determine the things that you will sell. If you have to get rid of clothes, shoes or fashion accessories, you should find a consignment shop or a thrift store where they can buy your goods to resell them in their store. For old books and other things like old technical gadgets or furniture, you can turn to websites like Amazon or eBay to sell them off. Craigslist is also an option if you want a more personal customer base to see your merchandise. For old jewellery you’d never use anyways, you can sell them for their gold. When you sell things, just make sure they’re still in good shape.

Burn Fat for Money

Instead of waiting patiently for the big day, you can save up money by biking or driving yourself. It can reduce significant commuter expenses so you can shift more of your budget for your wedding.

Negotiate for Wedding Services Payments

If you would hire or rent services like wedding photographers, wedding bands, florists and designers, you would have to pay them. If possible, barter and make a deal with the lowest amenable price so you can direct more budget money yet again for your wedding.