Using and Customizing Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Can’t afford that Vera Wang wedding dress you saw with your partner on the boutique? Or is personalizing your own idea of a wedding dress too costly to even mention? It is true that a wedding dress can take a major part of the wedding budget.  Most of the time, brides do not want to settle for less when it comes to their wedding gowns. For some, wearing a beautiful wedding dress is a childhood dream since when they were bumbling little girls. However, when money is a bit tight, it might be a good idea to lower the budget for the dress.

Renting or buying pre-owned wedding dresses may seem to be a very cheap solution to lighten the budget in wedding dresses; but let’s not get over the benefits of using them. True enough, it may not be as memorable as you want it to be when you use another bride’s used wedding gown. It’s like a hand-me-down sweater from your elder sister. However, you can make it your own once you buy it. Besides, the price of a pre-owned wedding dress is only around $2,000-$5,000. The price of an original wedding dress, and not yet a Vera Wang dress, is about $25,000. That’s a huge difference in price!

If you’re thinking now that it may actually be a great idea to use pre-owned wedding dresses instead, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips that might help you more in considering pre-owned wedding dresses.

1.) Ask your family or friends if they have any pre-owned wedding dresses to offer you.

If it’s from your family or friends, you might even use the wedding gown for free. Yes, the shining and ever-glowing word “free” is right there. Your wedded friends, particularly, may have wonderful wedding dress designs that you may like for your own. They may be the same age as you, so they might have the same aesthetic sensibilities as you do. It’s a safer choice than from family though, except if it’s from your sisters. If it’s from your mother, it would definitely be free as they may even be glad that you’re wearing it on a special day. The design maybe outdated, but there’s something you can do about it. If all else fails, talk to your grandma, with caution. Their wedding dress designs maybe outdated and different, vintage even.

2.) Visit websites that rent or sell pre-owned wedding dresses.

Websites like or have a wide catalogue of pre-owned gowns that may strike your fancy.  You can even expect a pre-owned Vera Wang dress for the fraction of its original price! In these websites, you can certainly get good deals. Also, visit websites that deal with everything wedding, like

Remember to search for articles that can help you in case of fashion emergencies with pre-owned wedding dresses. Once you’re done with your dress, you can even resell that dress!

3.) You can customize pre-owned wedding gowns.

After getting them from the laundry, you can customize a pre-owned dress according to your fashion sense. If it’s borrowed, you need to ask the permission of the owner first before customizing it. You can add more crystal beads, wear shawls, put a silk belt on the waist line, and many more.  You are free to use your creative juices when customizing or redesigning a pre-owned gown. You can do everything possible so that it will fit  your body and style. If you design and customize it yourself, you would be more confident in wearing that dress.

You can always ask a professional tailor to customize a dress if you can’t do it by yourself. If you want a trendy take on your wedding get-up, refer to wedding magazines with the latest gown styles and designs. Just point it out to the tailor, and let them do the magic.

When you use pre-owned gowns, your wedding budget would be drastically relieved of thousands of dollars from the wedding dress alone. You can use this money to improve other aspects of your wedding, like wedding favors or a photo booth. Of course, not only in wedding dresses is saving an option. Explore more possibilities in economizing your wedding, but still retain that quality and elegance, which is the beauty of weddings.

according to your fashion senses