affordable engagement rings

How to Find Affordable Engagement Rings

An engagement is like insurance for a wedding.  An engagement ring, therefore, is a seal for that insurance. It’s like a preview of what to expect on that special day if the both of you are already tying the knot. Engagement rings, though, are not as special as wedding rings. They only stand as an insurance for a wedding, and would gradually be replaced by the wedding ring for life. That’s why you should get a good deal for an engagement ring. If you can’t shoulder the expensive rings you see on cheesy movies, you really don’t have to buy one. You just have to know what it takes to get a affordable engagement rings.

Diamonds are rough on the budget. 

We may admire the quality of diamonds as some gem that has achieved aesthetic perfection and value under pressure when it was once a usual charcoal-like stone. Many people really want diamonds for their engagement rings. Well, they see it on TV and the movies and they say, “Hey, why don’t I get those for my engagement?” But the thing is, they’re very hard on the pocket. Diamonds are costly gems, and you may not afford a $25,000 diamond ring in branded stores if you want to be sure of the quality.

Choose gemstones instead. 

Your best bet is to buy other gemstones. Take emeralds, sapphires, rubies, you name it. Rings with these gems cost around $5000, and you won’t go wrong with gems. Buying them can significantly reduce your engagement costs. Rubies and emeralds are famous gems bought as engagement rings. You can also try other gems like aquamarine. Consider what your significant other would like for a gem color. In this way, buying an engagement ring would require more effort, hence more valuable for you.

The never-ending 4C’s.

Many people who bought rings would usually advise you to look for the 4C’s of diamonds, namely: carat, color, clarity and cut. If you can’t be stopped in buying a diamond ring, then just listen to this tip: don’t obsess over clarity and color. Sometimes, they can be cheated with the color of the ring and the contrast it gives with that color. Gold rings can make a diamond look paler, or if you put a ring around the stone, it would appear larger. Rings with a higher surface area also make a stone look larger.

In diamonds, therefore, you need to pay attention to the carat and cut. When it comes to the carat, don’t be so focused on the 24-karat or the 13-karat gold and other whole number carats. If you’ll be picking from a 1.19 to 2.0 carat diamonds, nobody can actually spell the apparent difference, but their price difference can be as high as $5,000. In diamonds also, the cut is what makes them special. A low-carat diamond may look as good as another higher-carat diamond just because it’s nicely cut along the edges. That’s why you need to take a closer and more attentive look when shopping for diamonds.

A Good Shop is Always Hard to Find.

Look for shops that would give you discounts, or is on sale. Nowadays, many shoppers find online engagement ring shops more convenient for purchasing. Instead of strolling around tirelessly for hours at a shopping center, one can just get to a store and buy an ideal engagement ring with just one click. Focus on the package of the ring. Some stores offer lifetime warranties for their rings, especially if they’re bought wholesale. Dismiss brand names, as they put 10% in more for their brand and experience and not really on the quality part.