8 Ways to Cut the Cost on Your Wedding Flowers

It is an unwritten law that you cannot get married without flowers. Flowers are the essence of a beautiful wedding day celebration. They are made as a three dimensional element to your decorating strategy because they are beautiful, elegant, and provide a wonderful scent. Flowers can definitely satisfy all senses. The flowers you choose should complement the entire event that includes the colors of the decor for both the ceremony and reception, and should also complement your own wedding dress.

However, flowers and the decorations that will be made from it can also add to the cost of the wedding. Normally, brides may spend $1,000 to $2,000 just for the flowers and the decorations. If your budget is just limited, spending too much on flowers may not all be practical. Luckily, there are a lot of effective ways to cut down the costs with your flower arrangements, but still create fantastic ornaments.

1. Shop Around

Flower shops vary in sizes, the items that they have, and their popularity. When searching for flowers try to canvass from as many shops as you can. Learn the different flower shops around your area, the services they do and the prices that they have. You will notice that they may have different prices for their flowers, thus providing you the option of choosing for a price that will best suit your pocket. Also, when you look around for more shops, you are also learning about the different types of flowers that are common at weddings, the style that the florist can create, and the different prices shops have.

2. Choose Seasonal Flowers

Try not to look for imported flowers since this will cost more than those that were grown locally and in season. Consider using flowers that are specific to your region and to the season in which you are getting married. Ask your florist about the type of flowers that are grown in your area and those that are in season at the time of your wedding. This will not only keep the cost down, but you will not have to worry about the flowers being available.

3. Choose Non-traditional Flowers

Unless you have already set a particular flower in mind, then choose that flower of your liking. However, you could also choose flowers that are less expensive and are always in bloom. Flowers such as Tulips, Orange Blossoms, Lavender, Daffodil, Daisies, Chrysanthemum, Carnations, Ivy, Hydrangea, and Carnations are some great choices. These flowers when perfectly arranged will just bring class and sophistication plus that added drama and impact most brides want to create.

4. Don’t Do it on Your Own

While some brides love DIY, but when it comes to your flower arrangement, it is not advisable to do your own. Flowers are one of the most sensitive items to handle and they really take a lot of time preparing. You do not want to spend your last hours before the wedding takes place cramming for your bouquet or even creating table centerpieces. However, if you are worrying about the cost of hiring a full-time florist ask a local university for recommendation on their best floral arranger. This person does not usually charge the same as a professional florist, but she is also capable to do the job.

5. Order Them Wholesale

You can save hundreds of dollars from your flowers if you buy them from a local flower wholesaler. Search around your area or go online to be able to find the best deal. Make certain that you order weeks in advance so that they can also prepare them ahead of time. After the delivery, you will be responsible with all the preparations such as cleaning and trimming, and keeping them alive until the big day. If you are going to hire a floral arranger or a florist, make certain that they know about your plans of getting your flowers wholesale so that they can immediately start with the preparations.

6. Share Them

Another easy way to save is to check the ceremony venue and see if another bride has booked for the same day. If there is, better coordinate with them and ask them if they are alright to share the same flowers at the ceremony. Both of you would be able to save since the cost will be cut in half.

7. How About the Holidays

A great time to get married is during the Christmas season or immediately after Easter since most venues are already decorated during these times. However, avoid getting married during February especially near Valentine’s Day since flowers at that time are mostly expensive.

8. Choose Flowering Plants as Centerpieces

If you are really considering doing your own arrangements, one way to do it, is to create centerpieces that can be prepared even weeks or months in advance. Flowering plants can be prepared in pretty pots months before your big day. Such plants can get plenty of attention plus this can also be a great giveaway for guests who love them.

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