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Wedding Planning Guide: Common Pitfalls Every Bride Must Avoid

Planning a wedding is an exciting and tedious time for any bride who wants to have a perfect wedding.  Every little detail can be a joy or a pain to plan, both for the head and most importantly, the pocket. While it’s so much fun organizing and buying, a wedding can leave a couple broke or in debt even before the official marriage has begun.  A wise and practical bride must follow this wedding planning guide to avoid the 6 common pitfalls that can leave them broke.

  • Overspending – Money does not grow on trees. To keep it short and simple- plan the budget before you plan the details. A bridge can get carried away with many unnecessary details that can cause a lot. Wedding suppliers usually provide exciting offers to tempt a dreamy bride and more often than not, these are something that can be personalized by friends and family members who are willing to shell out for the wedding.  Do away with nifty, expensive details that are not practical. 
  • Procrastination – Delaying the time between the planning and actual wedding can be more expensive. Getting a wedding supplier closer to the date will not give a bridge many options in choosing the best and most cost effective wedding suppliers. One of the main reasons is that, other brides might have already booked their service and if you want them badly, additional cost might be asked. These extra charges could have been used for another purpose, for example a better menu.
  • Going by the book – Many brides want to buy everything even if they will have no use for it after the wedding. When a bride’s budget is very tight, there are things needed for the wedding that can be rented. She can even ask the service of friends. For example, a host for the party can be one of the bride or groom’s friends. Music can also be personally handpicked by the couple and played in the wedding hall, rather than hiring a wedding singer.
  • Forgetting to check for deals and discounts – A honeymoon trip is also an important occasion for the bride and groom, and many couples go on trips without checking if there are ongoing deals or discounts. Check various honeymoon destinations. Special packages are available for couples who just get married and it pays for the bride to check those, because most grooms will not really dig into the details.
  • The urge to swipe the card – Yes, those shiny plastic cards they call credit cards are handy when you go shopping and many brides don’t realize that they can swipe their way to debt on their way to the altar if they are not careful about spending. A bride must, at all cost monitor her expenses and also to pay the bills on time, otherwise she goes broke even before she realizes it. A practical tip is to keep a ledger of expenses and compare it with the budget she has set for the wedding.

Marriage is a partnership that should withstand health and sickness, rich or poorer. A wedding can take place in a day, but a marriage will be for keeps. So brides should start thinking that wedding planning is their first challenge as a future wife in planning for future budget of her family. It is then best to start, by not going broke on her first try.