Stress-Free Wedding Planning 101

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun. It is true that there are many considerations to think of like the venue, guests, food and so forth. All these things should not make you anxious but instead make you excited!

If you are overwhelmed, you can always ask help from a wedding planner. They can help you with absolutely everything! However, using a wedding planner is not for everyone. The good news is that even if you don’t hire one, you can smoothly plan your own wedding without losing sleep and losing hair over stress.

Here’s our Stress-Free Wedding Planning 101 guide to plan out your wedding without the uninvited stress.

Decide on what kind of wedding you want to have as a couple.

It looks easy, but it’s one of the early pitfalls in planning your dream wedding. You may prefer romantic river cruises and boat weddings on the Caribbean, but your partner might like a simple town church wedding with the closest relatives. List down all the things you can compromise, and then try to fit the puzzle to see where you’d most likely hold your wedding. This is also a first step towards a long-term harmonious relationship.

Don’t be too affected with nagging or persistent family members.

It’s inevitable to have one or two relatives from either side of the couple to be overbearing. This is a simple issue of getting along with your future family. Remember that this is a wedding for both of you. It’s also sticking to one plan which you have agreed with your partner, and consistent plans often translate to smooth actual weddings. Assert your stand not forcibly but with confidence. Tell them that it’s already in the plan, or get them around another wedding concern or topic.

Get in shape for your wedding.

A dreamy wedding gown is every little girl’s dream, and it would be a total nightmare if it would not fit the bride on the wedding date. Here’s a very simple tip: don’t overeat. Once you tried on your wedding dress, stop eating unhealthy food and start exercising. You will not only look good on your wedding day, it will also be good for your health in general.

Stick to your budget.

The wedding budget may get strained. It’s a problem you can easily counteract. From the very start, prioritize your budget with the essential things: the venue, the food, the chairs, the invitations, and any fees for the officiating person. If your budget can’t pay for chair cushions, pricey food or personalized wedding favors, don’t force it. As much as possible, outsource friends or family members to save on some services.

Determine your wedding guest list.

The guest list is still empty, and the both of you don’t know who to put in yet. Sit down again with your partner to determine who’d be included in it. Any arrangement as long as it’s mutually known and acceptable to the both of you is okay. You may divide the number of guests to the both of you and you’d individually pick guests, or include family and friends first, then co-workers later, etc.

Don’t be too obsessed with perfection.

You want a perfect wedding. Here’s a newsflash: even the food gets delayed at the royal dinner table. Nothing is too perfect if you’re confident that you’ve planned well. A perfect wedding is not with the manipulation of the little details. If you got married with your partner and the guests have enjoyed their stay with you, they would forget the little tear in your bridal gown or the lack of flowers down the aisle.

Before a wedding, don’t stress out. Try yoga or mediation exercises. Give yourself some time to breathe. The next day, it would be another chapter of your life.