Six Tips to Creating a Bridal Shower on a Budget

Being part of the bridal party can at times be costly especially when the maid of honor has to prepare the bridal shower. But, do not worry because bridal showers do not actually need to be expensive. With just the right planning, creativity and support from friends, the bride’s bridal shower will look and feel like a million dollars.

Choose a location

The location of the shower will dictate how much your budget is, so it is necessary to choose the right place. For a shower on a budget, better have it in a home or a yard where it is mostly accessible for everyone attending. The location should also help setting up the theme. For instance, if you are going to have it in someone’s backyard, make the surrounding classy, but still economical. Put candles around to set the mood. You could also prepare an outdoor-appropriate theme such as a garden party (if the backyard has a garden), a beach party (if there is a pool), or just have a bar and grill.

Ask help

Remember that you should not be alone with all the preparations. Have a meeting with the bridesmaids and discuss the event. Plan how much the budget is, the theme of the shower and how they can contribute. Let everyone understand that as part of the bridal party, it is their duty to cover the costs of the shower. You should also include the mother of the bride and her sisters during the discussion since they will also want their bride’s shower to be special. As much as possible, do not let a small budget ruin the party. Everyone who will be attending will also expect a lot and they will be there because of their love for the bride. So, if there is a chance of them pitching more or helping more, the better.

DIY everything

This is where the fun and the savings can happen. If you have a cooperative bunch of friends who are all willing to do their part, then you are in luck. You and the rest of the bridal party can do the decorations, the cake, party favor, and games together. For the invitation, buy festive paper from a stationery store and create your own.

Consider the time

One effective way to also cut corners is to consider the time. You can throw a cocktail party in your house and then prepare hors d’oeuvres. You could also do a brunch since this will also require less food just like the cocktail party. How about having an afternoon tea where you can serve a variety of teas together with sandwiches and fruits? Or have a potluck where the guests will bring their own special dishes that can be shared at dinner.

How many are attending

Just about the costs of everything in the shower can be determined by the number of guests attending. Talk to the bride if she has some friends she wishes to be there during the shower like an old childhood friend, a colleague at work, or some of her college friends that she still has a relationship with. They may be all willing to attend the party. But, as much as you want to invite everyone even those the bride has not seen for a while, it would also be practical to limit the guest list. A good number is to just invite around twenty to thirty of her really close family and friends. Bridal showers are meant to be an intimate event with the bride being the center of attention. If there would be many guests attending you may have to consider the size of the venue and other needed items such as tables, chairs and even the serving platters.

Plan ahead

Nothing will make your life easier, if you plan ahead of time. Give yourself and your bridesmaids a month and a half of planning so that everyone knows their role and their obligation. Assign tasks to those who are willing to help especially with the DIY. If one of your friends loves baking, why not ask her to bake the cake? Or if another bridesmaid has free time to help you with the decoration, then get her help. If the mother of bride wants to make edible shower favors let her handle it. Seeing that everyone is involved and everyone is doing their part before the bridal shower happens will make the stress of your planning go away while being able to save a lot.

Although money is an essential key to giving a great shower, it is not always as necessary as splurging it. With just the right planning, knowing what is important, and backed-up with teamwork, the bride’s bridal shower will become one of the happiest events she will be attending in her life.