Ideas To Keep Things Simple On Your Wedding Day

The wedding day is a happy, but demanding occasion. Considering the importance of the occasion, the desire to make that day truly special is understandable. Once the couple decided to get married, what practical matters must be considered? Among these are the date and the kind of wedding desired. Some couples plan a more elaborate wedding. Others favor a simple one.

Perhaps you are a big fan of simple weddings and even if you can afford a sizable wedding feast, you may still want to keep things simple. Generally, simple weddings would not require large planning and cost, but it can be as wonderful and memorable as weddings that go with a lot of planning and money. If you cannot afford everything you would like for your wedding, eliminate something. What can be done to make your own simple wedding?

Simple Wedding Ideas

Prepare a small guest list. If you can accomplish a small guest list, the expenses will go down. A small number of people to witness and join you in your special day would make the event look like a fabulous gathering with family and friends. Limit the guest list to just the people who matter most to you and your bride.

Get help.  Rather than doing all the preparations by yourself, ask help from some friends and family. They will surely love to help and be part of the very special event in your life. There are many little details that need to be organized, and getting help from them will make the preparations a lot easier.

Look for a caterer. Go with a food caterer. Having your food catered will save you the trouble of food preparation. The family may also help in the food preparation, but if you do not want them to go through all the trouble of preparing food you might as well find a caterer that will provide all of your guests needs.

Choose a simple menu. The big part of your budget goes to the food, but you can keep the cost to a reasonable amount when you keep the menu simple. Instead of choosing large serving of dishes and desserts, serve a few important dishes, all simple and enough. You sure want people to enjoy the wedding feast, but you are not obliged to give them an extravagant, fancy meal. Remember, they will be there on your wedding day simply to witness and celebrate your marriage.

No fancy invitation. If you have a printer, you can print your own invitation on stock stationery. You can find a lot of free print-it invitations online. Pass out the invitations and it is all that simple.

Prepare simple favors. Your wedding favors don’t need to be something fancy. Simple favors are good enough to make the occasion meaningful and memorable.

Look for a nice place that will require little decorations. This way, you will not have to think too much of the decorating details. You can go with some simple flower arrangements, candles and other simple decorations. Make it really simple by using one place for the ceremony and the reception.

Creating a simple wedding would still require great imagination and effort. And, even if your wedding is made simple, it is still going to be one of the very memorable occasions you will be having in your life. And, at the end of all the preparations you just know your wedding will simply be beautiful.