How to Make a Good Impression on Traditional Wedding Invitations

You may think that handing out wedding invitations acts merely to invite formally your guests. This is a fatal misconception. Wedding invitations are all what makes the first impression for your guests towards your wedding. It gives them the idea as to how the wedding will go. If you’re very keen on refining the minute details of your wedding, it’s not good to let the wedding invitation go unnoticed. This is why you need to take extra considerations on making your wedding invitations.

Sure, it’s easy to order out invitations by having it custom-made by another person. Just give them what you need, and – bam! You have an express invitation. However, it might look rude for the guests if you don’t put in an extra little effort coming from you, or the both of you. If they see that you’re making the littlest effort, they’d seriously think of attending your wedding and maybe think over the gifts ahead. Here are some pointers in preparing for your wedding invitations that will give a good first impression of your wedding.

  • Invitations are done after deciding on a wedding motif and colors. It’s part of being coherent to a single design for the whole wedding process. From the wedding invitations to the tablecloths for the reception, it must adhere to a jointly decided motif and colors. The white and floral motif has been notoriously squandered over these past years, and is a traditional motif for weddings. There are also the regal, opulent designs that are dominantly sketched with French curved and cursive handwriting. You may stick with this, or let your creative juices flow on deciding a fresh motif.
  • Creative invitations make good impressions. If you decide to depart with the usual designs as stated above, then it’s a good move. You can capture the interest of your guest. In fact, it may be easier for the guest if your wedding has a motif because he or she would just go with that motif, thinking it’s a joint interest of the couple.

An interesting wedding invitation design, for instance, is a retake of the 50’s advertisement layouts or Western notices and newspapers typography. You can go as far as making interpretative, abstract art out of your invitations.

Also remember that the traditional wedding invitation size is 4.5” x 6.25”. It would now be your shot if you want to stick with this or not, according to the premeditated design you want as a couple.

  • Consider postage costs. Check for your area’s postage costs on the weight of your wedding invitations. Also inquire for any fees or options on non-machine, hand-processed postage.  Regular mail is processed through a machine, and it may damage any special design that you’ve labored for each in the invitation. Remember that postage is not called “snail mail” for nothing. Remember to send them all about two to three weeks before the date. Make sure to clear everything out to your local post office.
  • If ordering, take them all out in one go. If you’re ordering wedding invitations to a professional, you might as well include the making of your menu cards, thank-you cards, and program schedule of the wedding with the order. It would save you time, and it would take care of the minute details in your wedding plans. However, be sure to regularly check up on them for any changes in your order. Also remember to add extra copies to take care of emergency invitation situations, or re-sending circumstances.

In the end, it’s important to proofread your invitations whether you’re making them or having someone else make them for you. Be careful of your wording, too. Make sure it’s formal but not too stiff or commanding. It may depend on how creative you want your invitation to be. Above all, you need to be conscious of these details but at the same time be lax about it. Stressing yourself may even make you forget which guests you would have to send an invitation to.

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