How to Have a Perfect Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is very significant in any wedding ceremony. It is important, therefore, to make careful plans in order to come up with a beautiful and great tasting cake. You can take these simple practical tips on how you can have a cake that will truly add life and excitement to your wedding.

Design and Taste

You might have several options in mind as to how it should look like. Gather all your resources and be able to come up with the appearance you always dreamt of for a wedding cake. However, appearance is not everything. The cake should also taste great. A cake sculpted using fondant can be well designed. Colors and designs can be done with ease. However, buttercream tastes better than fondant. The only disadvantage of butter cream is that it cannot be molded into a desired shape or design. There are skilled bakers, however, that can use fondant thinly as a crust. The desired flavor of butter cream is still there and one can enjoy a great tasting cake without sacrificing its intended design and combination of colors.


A great idea on how to come up with a perfect wedding cake is to have it made the way you like it. Personalize it! You can always work with your baker on how you can let your personal style and preferences standout. You can match the color of your cake to the color of the lace of your wedding gown. You can also have your wedding cake themed for a country wedding where ribbons are very common designs.

Add-ons would be fine but too much of these would make your cake look overwhelming. Make sure the top is always free from excessive designs. This will give enough breathing room making your cake fresh and in good shape.

Toppers are also something that you should consider. Use toppers to personalize your cake not simply to add design to it. Your toppers should make your cake unique. Try to consider putting an heirloom on top. If you do not like toppers, you can let your cake stand on its own. Most cakes do not need toppers as they can stand elegantly on their own but a little personal touch from both the groom and the bride shouldn’t hurt.

Plan Ahead

Having a perfect cake means having perfect planning. Look for your baker at least six months before your wedding date. Have your wedding day booked at once so you can secure their services. The earlier the better it would be. You can give the specific details later on.  Most reputable cake bakers are hired several months and even a year in advance. Make sure to be aggressive and clearly state out the date of your wedding. The details of the cake can then follow. Inform your baker about the exact time of your wedding. Tell him about your specific designs, color combinations and flavor. Ask if there are delivery charges, set up fees and even refunds if there will be a cancellation.

Do not attempt to make your own cake. Even if you know you can handle it, spare yourself from the worries. Take time to enjoy your wedding without thinking of what to put on your wedding cake! This is a once in a lifetime experience that you should remember fondly and not for the hassles it brought.