10 Things You Need to Know to Avoid a Big Wedding Day Disaster

Even the most perfect and smartest couple could commit the worst mistakes that could blow off their supposed-to-be promising and wonderful wedding celebration. So to give you a heads up on the things you should keep an eye on before making your vows, here’s a list of what you should avoid doing before the could-be-once-in-a-lifetime event in your life.

Mismanagement of Your Wedding Budget

It is of no doubt that wedding could cost a lot of money. This is one of the many reasons why couples tend to spend a lot of time saving up before the event to ensure that they would have sufficient funds to dabble heading into married life. However, at times, couples tend to be overwhelmed with the preparation and planning, which then could lead to mismanagement of their budget. Planning a wedding is a very serious and meticulous task for both the bride and the groom, hence you both have to ensure that you make a list highlighting the priorities as the first ones to accomplish.

Messing Up the Marriage Licensing Process

There are so many ground rules and regulations when it comes to obtaining a permit to be wed depending on where you want to get married that it ought to take some time to get your license. A wise thing to do to avoid a disaster from happening is to make proper and comprehensive research about the particular rules and regulations established by the state where you’re getting married to allocate sufficient time.

Preparing for your Wedding Dresses in a Hurry

Aside from other details, this is one of the most essential elements that are often underestimated by many couples. While dresses can be generally made in no less than 2 weeks, you have to allot ample time to have your perfect wedding dress made. Consider the fact that you have to do fitting or adjustments prior to the big day to ensure that you’re more than comfortable and it fits you just perfectly. This also goes with other dresses including bridesmaids and of course, the groom’s suit.

Rushed or Cramming on Hotel Reservations

Unless you have sufficient space at home to accommodate all the guests you’ve invited to witness your wedding day, you definitely have to avoid doing rushed hotel room reservations as this could practically blow off your wedding. Make sure to research for the best yet affordable hotels that will provide comfortable accommodation to your guests.

Overflowing Guests

To ensure that you have perfect control over the attendees, it would be wise to provide strict wedding invitations. Be guided accordingly with a list you create with your better half and never go over the number of seats you reserved at your reception.

Venturing to Crashed Diets and Last-Minute Beauty Treatments

Many brides tend to have the misconception about wedding preparations and impulsively decide to crash into a rushed diet or last-minute beauty treatments. But check this out, scheduling a facial treatment a day prior to your wedding day wouldn’t make much of a difference. So, why don’t you budget your time and make sure that you’d be the most gorgeous bride alive on that day!

Insufficient Invitation Postage

Consider all factors that define postage for invitations to make sure that there won’t be extra hassle to deal with.

Failing to Consider Religious Restrictions

Failure to consider religious restrictions such as standards on the appropriateness of the attire and other nitty-gritty details could definitely ruin your wedding. You must take this factor seriously to avoid getting yourself into awkward situations.

Attempting to do the Preparation Alone

Reality Check: You cannot do the wedding planning and preparation all by yourself. This is a team-oriented job and attempting to shoulder all the responsibilities yourself will absolutely ruin your supposed-to-be perfect wedding.

Overlooking What’s Important

Other details may come your way and you must know how to take control of things to avoid establishing tensions even between the two marrying parties. Keep everything cool and especially under control.