10 of the Best Wedding Apps Available to Brides

An ideal bride not so long ago, carried a planner with her so that she could write down her time schedules and plans for the wedding, plus a binder where she could gather all her collections of photos of the latest wedding dresses, menus she wanted to have served, possible reception locations she found, and all other wedding related paraphernalia. These days, brides are just happy they have their iPhone. Well, who wouldn’t be a happy bride these days, if they are offered so many great wedding apps to make their lives easier. From planning a wedding to staying fit, these apps can definitely make any bride excited about creating their own wedding just on their phones.

Wedding Countdown

All excited to plan your wedding? This app is perfect for brides who just want to know if the day is finally coming to a near. Let Wedding Countdown count the days down for you while still personalizing your app to your liking.

Wedding Snap

If you want to find the best collective shots that came from your guests, then this app is for you. Wedding Snap will make certain that you will not miss a single moment of your event. You will be able to instantly collect and get access to all of your guests photos and videos and the app will be able to create a great album for you. You can also create a separate album for the other pre-wedding parties such as the engagement party, bridal party, bachelor and bachelorette party, and the bridesmaid luncheon. After that, share those images taken with Wedding Snap through a projection screen during the reception.

Appy Couple

For couples who literally want to be happy planning their wedding, this is for them. Perfect as an app and a personalized wedding website. Once you have built your own app, you will be able to plan the whole event. From collecting RSVPs, reminding yourself about your appointment with the caterer, letting guests know where to find your registry to sharing details about travel and lodging. This app has it all!

Wedding Dress Look Book

This is a free app that will let you get ideas to how you will look like on a wedding dress as they find the perfect dress just for you. They will give you the hottest wedding dresses – from alluring ball gowns to the latest mermaid gowns plus listings of wedding dress salons where you can get the dress.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

Perfect for brides who want to control their wedding planning anywhere they are. Included in this app is the countdown to your wedding, a personalized wedding checklist, budget tool, top gifts for the registry, and a lot of wedding ideas and inspirations that you can possibly use.

BRIT + Co.

This app is not just for brides, but it is more for those who like DIY’s. If you are planning to be like Martha Stewart, Brit + Co. provides thousands of great ideas that can be used before the wedding and during the wedding. They have a lot of how-to’s and tutorials to create the ultimate DIY.


Aimed not just for brides, but also for those who want to get in shape. If you do not want to spend money for a personal trainer while still getting the services of one, Fitocracy will be there for you. Voted as the “App of the Year” by Men’s Journal and Mashable’s Top Innovation in Health and Fitness, Fitocracy can make the process of losing weight fun and interesting. The app provides a supportive community to get you motivated while tracking your workouts, showing hundreds of different exercises for strength, weight loss, core and motivation.

Wedding Inspiration

This app works similarly to Pinterest, but focuses mainly on brides. This app will allow you to access  40,000 local vendors, brands, and retailers so you will be able to plan, book and purchase as you go. You will be able to gather ideas per category, find classic and vintage DIY, and add photos to your favorites to use like an idea board and even share to friends and family.

My Wedding Music

My Wedding Music is another great app to use on your wedding ceremony. You can use this handy app to pick the music selections for your wedding ceremony that includes the prelude to the recessional. With plenty of complete tracks that are organized under menus for each part of the ceremony playing each selection will become easier.


Do not forget to organize your honeymoon! Trip it is an indispensable tool when it comes to planning your honeymoon. This app will let you plan the whole trip while creating a helpful itinerary stored on your iPhone or iPad. You can even share your excitement about where you are going with your family and friends via Facebook.