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10 Things You Need to Know to Avoid a Big Wedding Day Disaster

Even the most perfect and smartest couple could commit the worst mistakes that could blow off their supposed-to-be promising and wonderful wedding celebration. So to give you a heads up on the things you should keep an eye on before making your vows, here’s a list of what you should avoid doing before the could-be-once-in-a-lifetime event in your life. Continue reading

Great Reasons Why Online Wedding Invitations are Trending

Planning a wedding has really gone up to the next phase and a lot of brides find that it is much easier and much organized to create a beautiful wedding ever than before. There are so many great ways to save and one in particular that couples can do is with the use of electronic or online wedding invitations.

Don’t worry because you are not going to break tradition when you send such electronic types of invitations or e-vites. In a way, you are also helping in conserving paper while allowing couples to save from their usual wedding expenses. It is not uncommon to find more and more brides choosing online wedding invitations than the traditional ones. Although there are still some folks who prefer the traditional paper based invitations. But, with more and more people relying on technology as it is already part of their day to day activities receiving modern types of invitations are now accepted with amusement and excitement.

Here are some great reasons why online wedding invitations are trending:

1. Save Cost. This is mostly important for brides and grooms who wish to save more on their invites. Do not worry because most of your guests will understand if you want to save more so that you can pay more for better food, better music, a better honeymoon, or just want to save for that new house. Couples can easily choose the design of their invitation and send them through their email addresses. There is no need to pay for postal fees and stationery, and you can help Mother Earth in the process.

2. Total Control. Once you have found the right tools and website to create your electronic invites, you will be given total control over the invitation wordings, heading, format, layout and font typeface, and you can also choose the design that you want. Almost all the websites that offer these invitations will let you choose between logos, templates, graphics and designs.

You can include your pictures and other images to use for the wedding. And, if you are going to have a casual beach wedding, your invitation can be created with white sand beaches and sunsets as its background. If you are going to have a formal wedding, you can choose royal scroll headers with crumpled blue silk for its background. The choices are yours and it is endless.

3. Faster Reply. Once you have sent your invitations, you can expect a faster response time from guests. There is no need for you to wait for your guests to receive their invitations and there is no need to wait more for them to mail back. Your guests can easily inform you right away whether they are coming or not. So, even if you send them invitations at a later date, you will still be able to know right away if they are coming or not.

4. Better Structuring. With the use of online invitations, you will be able to keep track of which invitations you have already sent, who will and will not be attending. Websites can provide a web form that can categorize the responses from guests and can tell you who did and did not RSVP. You can even include your guests meal preferences that can automatically become a spreadsheet to easily hand over your caterers.

5. You Can Reach Everyone. While the postal service can deliver all your mails without a problem, there might still be a case of your invitations going somewhere. It is still not impossible to think that one or more, or a whole bunch of envelopes will get misplaced. Your out-of-town guests can be assured that they will be receiving your e-vites right away. An e-vite system will let you change your settings to be notified if an invitation has already been opened. This way, you are certain that every guest received their invitations.

With the advantages of receiving these techie invitations, there are still some who are in doubt with their growing popularity.

Here are some of the reasons:

Electronic invites are not refined. Either because the screen is not as pretty as paper or because email is not as refined as the postal service. But, think of it this way, you usually receive solicitations, garnish circulars, and reminders from your dentist through your snail-mail. When you receive a beautiful envelope created by a calligrapher, we mostly acknowledge that it stands out. Why not, think of e-vites as also an invitation that your friend took their time in preparing and sending so you can appreciate it better.

Electronic invites are ugly. Some may think these invites are ugly because there are so many websites offering them. However, there are so many great online invitation sites that can provide more stylish designs with more thoughtful user interface. The goal of these sites is to create invitations that can evoke the same feeling of providing an elegant letterpress card you commonly receive in your snail-mailbox.

Not wanting to change. Brides are mostly in love with stationery and some would totally avoid the change e-vites can bring. Some grooms can also hinder brides from creating their own-evites especially if they consider those who do not have their own email addresses or are just not usually online. However, there are a lot of sites that can help in creating traditional wedding invites and online wedding invitations. You can send some traditional invitation to guests you think will be more comfortable in receiving such invites, and create more e-vites to send to your guests.