Unplugged Wedding Versus the Techie World of Wedding Photography

Between your professional wedding photographer and your guests’ iPhone, which would you prefer taking pictures of you? We all know the trend these days at weddings. If you have a phone or tablet with you, you will inevitably take shots of the couple since most of the guests are doing it anyway. There is no stopping guests from taking pictures of the couple since their point of view is that they are just helping the couple collect as many pictures as they can, then share them in social media where everyone will have their own version of how the day came to be.

While the intentions may vary from overwhelming love for the couple, practicing wedding photography, love of taking pictures, or just plainly want their presence to be known this is bound to irate and disturb the official photographers of the day. Imagine if you are the hired photographer. You are paid a lot of money for your services, but with so many guest photographers blocking you and flashes from their cameras come blurring your shots, how would you feel? A continued showcase of blurry pictures and guests blocking your view could even ruin your reputation and would anger the couple for not providing great pictures. Your solution of course, is to find better position and tactically maneuver yourself to a good spot, but that would still not be a guarantee of someone surprising you from a shot behind or at front from one of the guests.

Unplugged Wedding

Your solution to a great wedding day is to ask everyone to turn off their phones and cameras and just concentrate on your wedding ceremony. Some may complain about this, but they will eventually understand it in the long run. So, how to do an unplugged wedding? Well, as you send your invitations, include a note that you will have an unplugged wedding. This means that your guests will turn off any of their devices while on your wedding day. While some may argue about the concept of an unplugged wedding because everyone wants to get their own share of captured moments plus there are so many apps available to couples that let their guests share their photos and compile them in one place, the idea of an unplugged wedding is to just allow the guests to seat on their chairs and enjoy the occasion instead of being buried on their lenses and not even minding about the real purpose of the wedding.

Advantages of an Unplugged Wedding at the Ceremony

  1. Allows your guests to focus on the ceremony and not on their gadgets, thus making them real part of the festivities.
  2. Creates a more solemn event with guests not going at the front of the altar just to capture pictures of them that creates distraction.
  3. Couples will not be confused on whom to look at and where to focus their attention since they are just going to focus on their official photographer.
  4. Your wedding photographers can easily move with ease without worrying about blurry pictures and flash lights, or even guests their view.
  5. Guests who turn off their tech for an unplugged wedding can be a way to calm the chaos that comes on the wedding day.
  6. Guests will look great in pictures as they bid farewell to the couple while clapping their hands at the end of the ceremony instead of everyone being buried on their phones and taking pictures of the couple.

A Techie Reception

The advantages can still go on and on and there are so many couples who are opting for an unplugged wedding especially during the reception. While the reception is another challenge for wedding photographers, this is where they may not be able to stop guests from taking pictures of themselves and the couple. Heck! There is no rule that can even stop them from taking pictures unless the couple are really strict about it. It is just up to the wedding photographers to be bold, creative and prudent on how they will get effective and useful shots. Some couples are even encouraging their guests to take as many pictures of them so that they can choose some of the great photos that the guests took and make them part of their album.

If you are one of those couples who are searching for an app that you and your guests can share with, here are five apps that are popular for both iPhone and Android users:

  • Wedpics. Considered the best app by couples as they have 36,000 registered couples and more than 1,400 users per day. They serve more than 1200 weddings per weekend and its members share more than 100,000 photos per week plus this app is free.
  • Wedding Party. It is also a free app and is also supportive of the wedding photographer. They are also popular in the wedding blogging community.
  • OurPhotoOpp. They provide a live remote online viewing slideshow plus other useful products for $99.
  • Wedding Snap. They offer a photo retouching and a live moderated slide show for $89 to $249.

I Do or I Don’t

The decision to say “I do” or “I don’t” to tech always belong to the couples. If you decide to not go unplugged, make sure that you make arrangements to help your wedding photographer. Ask some of your ushers to create way for the photographer especially at the ceremony and remind guests that the official photographer should be given priority. Anything that could help your wedding photographers would be highly appreciated by them. At the end of the day, it is always about result and how everyone captures the event. But of course, guests knowing proper courtesy especially that the couple spent thousands of dollars so that their photographers can record their day properly should also give them insight on how to behave appropriately.