photojournalistic wedding photography

Understanding the Popularity of Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

The Start of Wedding Photography

During the days of our parents, wedding photographs consist mainly of couples posing for formal shots with everyone lined up and plainly looking at the camera. Cameras and lighting equipment back in the days, were bulky and heavy, and the only way for brides and grooms to get great looking pictures was to do it in a properly controlled environment such as in a studio. This type of photography is generally known as traditional wedding photography. Although nowadays, couples can enjoy having their pictures taken even outside a photo studio, but most of their shots still have those predictable poses with everyone looking at the camera and the photographer telling everyone who the bride and groom should join next.

With the changes in wedding photography and the advancement in camera lens and technology, photographers have also grown and found new styles in capturing photos that provides life and story. This type of photography is what we know as photojournalistic wedding photography. The concept of this style is for photographers not to dictate what should happen next and what the bride and groom should do for their next shot, but wedding photojournalist will take photos of how the wedding is transpiring. Now, couples can relieve the story of the day, not just in their memory, but with proofs of wedding photos.

How did Photojournalistic Wedding Photos Become Popular?

There is no actual record of how this style of photography came to be. But, after the invention of the 35mm camera, roll film and on camera flash, people started to use this invention to places where they wanted to record real life events. Photojournalism was popular during the Second World War and even until today, there are photographers who would risk their lives just to capture real events of soldiers at war. Photojournalism can also be seen by the general public with photographers covering celebrities and royalties. And, with the popularity of real life events seen by brides and grooms, it is also no wonder that this style of photography also silently became known in weddings.

During the mid-20th century, wedded couples only shared memories of their wedding because photographers were limited in lenses, and limited in film. To be able to get their services, couples were only given a few roles of films that made the shots in wedding photography predictable. Photographers were not after what is happening in the event, but they were mostly focused on getting what was expected. This had tremendously changed over the years and people today expect more from their photographers than just taking traditional photos. Couples are looking forward to seeing intimate and real moments that can only be captured by a camera. A tearful father finally giving his daughter away to the groom or the wedded couple’s intimate and happy moments as they share their first kiss. Such photos can tell a story, something that most couples would want to remember as they look back to those happy times.

Getting The Services of a Photojournalist

Getting the services of a photojournalist is the same as hiring a traditional wedding photographer. Brides and their grooms will arrange a meeting with the photographer, look at his or her work, and ask questions on how the photographer works. It should also be noted that photojournalists vary in style so it is essential to find a style that the couple would like. Chemistry is also necessary since couples want to be at ease with the person taking their pictures.

There is also an advantage to hiring a photojournalistic wedding photographer since couples can still have traditional photos while still allowing the photographer to do her magic and capture emotional pictures. The agenda for these wedding photojournalists, is to capture spontaneous moments with an emphasis to showing emotions. The people will not be directed on how to pose and even on what they should do. They will not even know that the photographers are taking pictures until they see them. Then, photographers can take formal posed photos in between wedding proceedings so that couples can enjoy both worlds.

Delivery of the photos may take a week after the wedding because the photographs were shot on the fly. They often required post processing since exposures weren’t optimum. However, with the right photojournalist that has all the right lenses and cameras, capturing great moments may still be easy.

A Point to Remember

Photojournalism is not just about getting pictures of what is going on. But, it should convey a story. Photojournalistic wedding photos should be a united collection of photos that are not just a record of what transpired, but it should also show images that captured real conclusive moments. An experienced photojournalist knows how to wait for those moments, then immediately record them with technical excellence to capture the real essence of the wedding.