Wedding Photography Tips

Top Wedding Photography Tips and Trends for 2013

The boom in the wedding photography industry has been creating an increasingly competitive environment for career photographers. It’s a growing market as many couples want to make their big day more memorable with an artistic touch. However, many couples are also turning to their photographer friends for wedding photography tips and to shoot their wedding photos. To be successful in this industry, you must always be updated on the trends that are currently used in photo shoots. It’s what will give you an edge above other competitors.

To give you some ideas on how the wedding photography business would fare this year, here are some insights on upcoming trends and styles.

Changes on Image Perspectives

Gone are the days when couples ask for a vintage wedding photo. Nowadays, it’s also important for them to just document the event as is, like any newsworthy item that would render the event timeless for the couple. Some photographers clearly categorize their work as an artistic photojournalism. Wedding photojournalists describe their photography as something candid and classic, with slight family drama and editorial styling.

Professional Photographer Woes

While there are established pros in wedding photography, many hobbyists are also taking the slice of the cake and are starting up their own wedding photography business. Instead of bringing them down, it’s what actually keeps other photographers motivated. That’s why they’re very keen on selecting which clients they are transacting with. Some clients are happy with just any of their friends with a DSLR, and in some way this may insult another pro that he worked on his own camera just to be replaced by a happy-go-lucky gadget boy.

Photographers advise other hobbyists to probe their own talent to find their own particular niche. Wedding photography is one of the easiest way into the business of photography, but some of these photographers may succeed in another niche but not necessarily in weddings.

Photo Albums Are In, Again

Another rising trend for this year in wedding photography is the creation of photo albums. There was a time when these photos just came in with the DVD or CD video coverage of the wedding. However, when photographers started to also give out photo books, some clients started to request photo books from their photographers, too. This is because more and more clients would like to hold something from their big day to return to later in life. It also proves that customers still value the effort and artistry of the photographers. It’s rather reverse in real life that most couples would want a tangible evidence of their wedding instead of a digital copy. This makes more photographers provide photo album services to their clientele.

Prices May Rise, as well as Skills

Like any work, photographers also need to raise prices in order to keep up with the maintenance of their trade tools; their camera, for example. They are also continually undergoing improvement of their skills, which their price should also follow. Basically, the more experienced the photographer is, the more expensive they may probably get. However, this is answered with most photographers offering “a la carte” payment options. It means that they provide a base amount for their photography service, say $700, then introduce several other prices for which services they can afford and cater to.