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Six Essential Tips to Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Photographs provide us that lasting reminder of what transpired during our wedding day. They will remind us about the atmosphere during the wedding, our wedding dress, our family’s reaction as we made that walk down the aisle, and the happiness on our guests faces as everyone celebrated with us. Pictures that captured the essence of that special moment will even be displayed in our home and will be a record of the most special day of our life that we can show to our future kids. But, before you can even glorify the artistry of your wedding photos, there is one specific task that is needed to be done. And, that is, you will have to find and choose the right wedding photographer.

Finding a photographer

It is necessary to find a photographer that is experienced and is aware of the requirements needed for your big day. However, searching for the right person is not like selecting your wedding dress where you can choose the most suitable one and it will all be perfect. You will not even see the end products of your photos until you have chosen your photographer. Your decision will largely be a matter of faith and a matter of how much you took the time in researching for the right candidate.

Doing your research

There is a huge market for photographers these days, and there are so many ways to get in touch with them. However, you want to make sure that the right person also specializes in weddings. These wedding photographers also do their own promotion, may it be little or big advertisement. You can start inquiring about them on your local paper in your town, or you could also ask your friends and family for recommendations. You can also try your local camera club to see if they have members who are wedding photographers. The Internet also provides a long list of qualified photographers. You can find them on wedding blogs and wedding websites, and on local networking sites such as on Facebook and Twitter.

Making a list

Since there are so many photographers around, you may find yourself in difficulty as you search for the right person to work with. Some of the most common concerns for couples as they search for their photographer is if that person can deliver what is expected from them, and if it would cater to their budget. To narrow your search, better make a list of your own requirements. Your list should include the type of photography you want, your price range, references of photographers, your expectations from them, and the like. As you go on your list, you can remove those you think did not pass your criteria.

Making appointments

Once you have settled a date for your wedding day, you can begin contacting photographers that are within your area to see if they are available on your date. Better search for a photographer early on since the popular ones are always booked up quickly. You may have to call or email the photographers on your list so that you can get a quick response on their availability, their specialties, and the cost for their services. It is also necessary to know a photographer’s work before even contacting them. Once you get the response to your inquiries, then it is time to make an appointment.

When visiting a photographer, better have a few close people with you. Ask your fiancé to come so that both of you can decide if your chosen person suits you. Your family and friends can also help out in giving you a clear head and provide advice on the photographer and their work.

Asking questions

There are a number of questions that you can ask a wedding photographer. But, it is also a good idea to know what you want from them. Start by analyzing their sample portfolios. Ask to see their complete wedding albums from two or three of their previous clients and ask yourself:

  • From those albums, do you feel that they tell the story of the whole event?
  • Do the pictures offer a variety of shots of the couple? Some close-up, mid-distance, and full-length?
  • Did the photographer capture great candid moments of the couple and their guests?
  • Would you feel happy owning your own version of their work?

When it comes to the photographer, you can ask him about the cost of their different levels of coverage, their photography style, time frame from preparing their pictures, and so on. Make sure to ask all the right questions even including the best angle for your face that could get the most compliments.

Making it final

Before making it final, ask the photographer about their policy. Also, ask about possible wedding-date changes and cancellation. Be certain that the photographer explains their quote to you as well as any extras that may be involved in advance. Once you are confident about your choice, just enjoy, relax and smile since you know your pictures will turn out great.


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