Practical Tips in Securing Your Wedding Pictures and Videos

A wedding is a very important milestone in a person’s life and storing memorabilia like photographs and videos can be very tedious. Most pictures and videos these days can be digitally stored, but they are not fail-proof.  Storage can be lost, stolen or destroyed and all memories will be gone forever in an instant. Before you panic, read through these practical tips on how to secure your wedding photos and videos.

  • Digital copies of professional videos and photographs that were taken by your official photographer will be given to you in a disk, while your photographs will be printed and organized in a very nice looking album. Find a photographer that will allow you to copy the files to your notebook or an external hard disk drive. If possible, back them up and save in an extra storage for safekeeping.
  • Create an online account in video sharing like Youtube to share with friends. If you want to keep it private, then you may set the privacy setting. An online album or storage like Dropbox is a good way to keep digital copies and allows you to share pictures and videos with your friends. Again, privacy settings can also be minimized to allow access to only a few people within your circle.
  • Protect your files from virus and file corruption by keeping a storage like external hard disk drive, SD card or disk that is dedicated to all your wedding pictures and videos. Make sure that the location is also protected from dust, water and other things that can destroy or  corrupt your files.
  • Print the photos in quality paper, and organize in an album or a scrapbook. Make sure that if you use an adhesive photo album or paper, check that it is acid-free. Acid free photo albums last a lot longer than the regular ones. A better choice is a “slip in” type because plastic will protect your pictures from dust and tearing. Of course you have to check that it’s clean and dry once in a while, because it will not guarantee that it will be safe from moisture.
  • Humidity is the main culprit in the destruction of storage and photo prints. Have you seen pictures with markings or fading color? To preserve the vibrant color of the pictures, make sure that you check the storage area and that it is free from humidity. Charcoal helps remove extra moisture in storage places. Placing a can of charcoal and covering it with net can help reduce moisture in the air.
  • Take away pictures and discs from direct sunlight.  Sunlight can cause chemical reaction to the ink used in pictures and can fade away the colors.
  • Keep away albums, storage and videos from children or any younger members of the family. Keep them in a higher place, or better in a hidden, safe place. Better be safe than sorry later on, so they say.

Wedding pictures and videos are memories that you can only have once in a lifetime, so securing them is a must especially if you want to have something to share with your family in the future. After all, pictures and videos are great manifestation of your love for each other as husband and wife.