destination wedding photos

Preparing to Get Creative with Destination Wedding Photos

Destination wedding photography is growing more and more popular these days as many couples are now looking into unconventional and unique destination wedding photos to remember their wedding day. Destination and concept wedding photography are even made popular with the emergence of pre-nuptial photo shoots and videos. Simple and conventional wedding photos are becoming a thing of the past, as much more elaborate and conceptual photos are becoming the “it thing” for wedding photography. Who couldn’t resist those one-of-a-kind concepts that catch everyone’s attention?

As a couple prepares to have a destination wedding photography, be it for pre-nuptial or on-site shoot, finding the right photographer is a pre-requisite to this.

Going the Extra Mile: Finding the Perfect Photographer

There are many kinds of wedding photographers out there, but only one of them will surely suit you the best.  Here are some tips in choosing a destination wedding photographer.

  • Check wedding sites in your area and look for photographers who specialize in destination wedding photography. Make sure to check their portfolio. Most photographers now have their own webpage or Facebook accounts which showcase their works. Pictures are great testimonies and they speak a lot about their skill. It will help if they have a lot of likes or testimonies.
  • Think of a good concept, your planned wedding location and budget before consultation. Inform the wedding photographer about your wedding pictorial ideas and ask if he/she can meet your expectations.
  • Check if the photographer is willing to travel. Make sure to check his rates and period of preparation. If everything is amenable, then you can start seal the deal and start planning the details.
  • Ask if the destination wedding photographer can do a simple test shoot. Head and body shots are enough. This is to check how well you will project in the photos.
  • Check his open schedules and make sure that you are the only client for the day, to give way to small or big emergencies. The last thing you want is a photographer who is late because he was held up in another engagement prior to yours.
  • Last but not the least, check for his rates and history. Does this photographer charge exorbitant or reasonable rates? Does he have a history of not completing a project? If this is the case, think twice before hiring that photographer. There are many other photographers who can do the same or better work.

Preparing for Your Wedding Destination Photography Session

Choosing a concept, destination and schedule are the next steps after choosing the perfect photographer.  A perfect day can still go wrong, so planning is a vital pre-requisite before the actual photo shoot. What are the important points to remember? Follow these simple tips.

  • Research on different places and concepts. Check for information online or call those places to see if they allow wedding photography sessions. If they say yes, choose the best ones and do an ocular inspection. Many photographs can be misleading. The place may look better in photographs but not as impressive in person. By going to see the place, you can check the condition of the place. Bring a camera and take test shots to see if the place comes up nicely in the pictures.
  • Keep the communication lines between you and the destination wedding photographer open at all times. Exhaust all possible forms of communication like phone, email or meeting in person. Having regular consultations before the actual shoot can help iron out the details for a perfect shoot.
  • Plan your wardrobe and makeup well, according to the chosen concept. Wearing matching clothes is not a must. What is more important is that the bride and groom’s outfits complement each other.
  • The time of taking pictures is very crucial to the outcome of the photos. Always check for weather reports.  Vivid pictures are usually taken on a clear, bright day and are best suited for formal wear. Night pictures also have certain charm- mystery, soft romance and dramatic. Candid shots are best taken on a clear day, although afternoon shots are best in beach scenes or beautiful backgrounds that showcase the setting sun at its best.

By choosing the right destination and photography, unique creativity can achieved for your wedding photography. So be a little more daring and choose a concept that is uniquely yours!