Top Wedding Makeup Tips to Make You Beautiful

One of the most fun part that you will be doing on your big day is when you prepare yourself and become a great looking bride. There are so many things that you will be doing in preparation for your wedding. However, it is your beautiful face that most would be looking. Leaving them a lasting impression will also make you enjoy the day. So, how do you make yourself look better?  Here are some wedding makeup tips to get you through:

Stay True!

While some women are comfortable with wearing heavy makeup during their regular days, there are those who like to wear heavy makeup every day. If you are not comfortable with wearing one, do not experiment on your big day and try out wearing a smoky eye even if you haven’t tried wearing one ever. Your goal is to look like you, but only better. Be you and you will be comfortable throughout the event. If you are comfortable wearing heavy makeup every day, it is also not the time to lighten up. Wear your usual style so that your guests can recognize you.

Should You Get Help with Your Makeup?

While we mostly do our own hair and makeup every day, some still are not comfortable with doing their hair and makeup especially on special occasions. However, if you are comfortable handling your own makeup like Kate Middleton on her own wedding, then there is no reason you can’t do the same. You can also ask advice from your close friends who know much about the type of makeup you should apply and the brand of makeup you can buy. If you have a friend who is an expert on this, why not ask for her help and let her do your makeup on your big day.

You could also get the help of a professional especially if you want to lessen your burden. A lot of brides get their hair done by a professional stylist and most hairstylists also do makeup. If this is what you want, make sure to consult with the stylist and have a trial run a week before your wedding. You want to avoid any big surprises that will make you not look like you.

How Do You Prepare for Your Big Day?

It does not matter how glossy your lips are or how big your eyes are. If your skin looks oily or dry, you won’t look great on your wedding day. Make sure that before your wedding day comes that you have made an effort in taking care of your skin. Six months before the wedding day, visit a dermatologist and have your skin treated for any sun damage, wrinkles, scars and especially acne. Your dermatologists will give you retinol creams, lasers, skin lighteners, or chemical peels. It is necessary to start early, so come your big day, you will only be showing a radiant beautiful skin and not a peeled one.

Tips on How to do Your Makeup:

  1. Highlight one. One basic rule when putting on makeup is to focus whether you will highlight your mouth or your eyes. It would be foolish to focus on both since you may end up looking like a clown. If you are going to have a full makeup, apply light pink lipstick or a glossy one. If you want to emphasize more of your lips like Angelina Jolie, do so with a bright deep color, and your eyes a bit light.
  2. Make your eyes “Pop!” If you are gifted with long eyelashes, you will greatly benefit from an eyelash curler. Try to heat your eyelash curler for just three seconds with a blow dryer, and then curl them. If you have short eyelashes, ask your makeup artist to put them on for you or you could do this yourself especially if you are familiar with the procedure.
  3. Waterproof that mascara! Today is the day to whip out that waterproof mascara especially if you cry easily. And, because this is your big day, make certain that you put on that waterproof mascara.
  4. Have a long-wearing lipstick. To make your lipstick long-lasting, you will need to:
  • Exfoliate your lips the morning of the wedding by spreading them with Vaseline. Scrub lips in a circular motion.
  • Fill in lips with a liner, and then apply lipstick or gloss over.
  • Always have your lip liner with you so that you can refresh your lips a few times as needed.


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