Tips in Making Your Summer Wedding Makeup Last the Whole Day

Summer is here and there are so many great reasons to celebrate especially if you are going to have your wedding at this time! And, who would not want to take advantage of the abundant sunshine, cool breeze, and refreshing nights? But, with the great atmosphere it brings, there is only
one question brides are worrying about, and that is if they can have their makeup stay on for the whole day. Most are actually worrying to find that their pretty makeup will literally melt off their face. Especially if it is not done right. If this is also your worry, here are some useful tips that can help you fight the sun and enjoy your big day!

Your Skin

We are born with different skin types. Better learn yours and know what solutions can be done to let your makeup stay longer while still maintaining the look you want.

  1. Use a moisturizer. An oil-free moisturizer can do wonders for  an oily skin and tinted moisturizer for dry skin. But, if you have an extra-oily skin, skip the moisturizer and consider dabbing a little eye lotion under your eyes.
  2. Use a primer right after putting your moisturizer. This will prepare your skin for foundation and powder and allow your makeup and foundation to stay put.
  3. Skip the foundation and use a spot concealer if you have a good skin. Spot concealer can be used around the corners of your nose, under the eyes, and places where blemishes are present.
  4. Use foundation. There are different types of foundation that can be applied for different skin types. There are liquid, powder, and mousse. For summer, use a sheer formula that has coverage you can build on. This will also allow you to blend in a little more where it is necessary.
  5. Powder your face with a small brush. Use a setting powder in the t-zone area only. Use loose powder on your nose, chin, upper lip and on the forehead. And, let the other places stay glossy.
  6. Use cream blushes for your cheekbones. Cream blushes stays longer especially during the summer. You can use a pink tone as this is the closest color to a natural flush. Apply a cream formula into the apple of the cheek. Then, finish it with a sweep of powder blush that has a similar shade to the one you are using.
  7. Use oil blotters. Summer can bring shine on your face and this is what you want to avoid. Instead of using more powder, which would end up with you looking cakey, use an oil blotter. This will get rid of that excess shine.

Your Eyes

All of us have different eyelids and it set us apart from others. While some women are lucky that their shadow lasts for hours, there are those that just fades in hours or minutes. If you are one of them, here are some ways to bring back color into your life.

  1. Groom those brows. Most women want that perfectly groomed Kim Kardashian brow and you can also do the same. Groom your brows days before the wedding so you will not have traces of red marks on them.
  2. Use a concealer brush to apply all over your lid. Using a concealer from lash line to brow will help your shadow cope up to your skin.
  3. Use an eyeliner. Eyeliner can help in defining your eyes. It can make them appear big and bright. Better use a pencil that you can easily use to smudge and smoke up the eye with, thus giving them a grand finish. You can use liquid liner to avoid smudges, or if you are not comfortable with a liquid liner, use a cake liner and mix it with an eyeliner sealing product.
  4. Use a primer. Use a primer on eyes to help the eye liner stay longer and with stand tears.
  5. To avoid smudges on your eye makeup, take a large eyeshadow brush and dip it into loose powder. Then, apply the powder around the edges of your eye makeup to avoid bleeding.
  6. Use waterproof mascara. Mascaras can definitely help in defining your eyes. Since you do not want smudges later, use waterproof mascara even if you think that you are not going to cry later.

Your Lips

Be certain that you are comfortable with the shade of your choice. Test out a number of lip colors a few weeks or months before the wedding date. Choose whether you are going to use hydrating matte formula in a soft shade or if you want to try tinted lip balm. There are many lipstick choices, so better start experimenting your choices earlier.

At the day of your wedding:

  1. Moisturize your lips first with a lip balm.
  2. To prevent your lipstick from bleeding, use lip stain.
  3. Layer your lip color. While it is better to avoid too many layers on your skin, you can continually layer your lip color. Apply lip stain first, then apply lipstick, lip gloss or a tinted balm.

Added tips to last you the whole day

  1. Avoid heavy layers of makeup during summer. Keep in mind that the more you put on, the more of risking your makeup melting off.
  2. Use a concealer that matches the tone of your skin.
  3. Use a multipurpose product. This will avoid you from using different products on your face. Use a multipurpose product that you can use to dab on your cheeks, lids, and lips for a quick put-together look. This is also necessary for easy touch-ups.
  4. Blending is the key. Better avoid putting a ton of colors on the cheeks. Much better if you will dip your brush in the color, tap it off, and then apply it on the cheekbones. You can either use your fingers or use a different brush to blend out the edges.
  5. Feel free to experiment on colors while still making your summer wedding makeup last the whole day.