Wedding Anniversary SOS: Gifts for your Significant Other

One of the mistakes you can possibly do in your married life is to forget your anniversary date. Just imagine why your partner just shrugged at you this morning: you may have forgotten something! The first, and perhaps the best, wedding anniversary gift idea to remember is to never forget your wedding anniversary date. Arguably, it’s the best date that involves the both of you, and it must be a special date set apart to celebrate your love for each other. The next thing you need to get over is what presents to give to your partner.

Giving wedding anniversary presents show how much you care for your husband or wife. Hugs may be nice, and kisses may be cute, but nothing beats the childish excitement that one gets when they receive presents on their wedding anniversaries. Anybody attaches special meanings and memories to these gifts, and as a couple, anything that you can connect your relationship to solidify your connection with each other. To help you in deciding what gifts you would give your significant other, here are some ideas you can try out.

  • Nothing beats conventional gift ideas. These are what you’ve been hearing mostly: papers on the first anniversary, diamonds on the 60th, etc. These are not only followed in wedding anniversaries but also in corporate events. However, this was initially a marketing stint by jewellers, but nevertheless made an impact to relieve people of gifting guesswork. Here is a partial list of the gift materials associated with every anniversary year. You can get creative in choosing gifts around these ideas. For instance, you can give your partner your own wood carvings for your 5th anniversary, or coupons at a tanning salon for the 8th anniversary.
  • 1st: Paper
  • 2nd: Cotton
  • 3rd: Leather
  • 4th: Linen/Silk
  • 5th: Wood
  • 6th: Iron
  • 7th: Copper
  • 8th: Bronze
  • 9th: Pottery
  • 10th: Tin/ Aluminum
  • 15th: Crystal
  • 20th: China
  • 25th: Silver
  • 30th: Pearl
  • 35th: Coral
  • 40th: Ruby
  • 50th: Gold
  • 60th: Diamond
  • Get creative in making things. Most of the time, we love creative and personalized items that are given to us. The time and effort put into those things make us feel more special. For wedded couples, being special means a lot to them. You can make personalized couple shirts or mugs, but that’s pretty standard corporate stuff. Try giving yourself as a present (in ribbons, if you know what we mean). If you’re not into that, try writing a song, love poems, or do paintings. If you know your way in the kitchen, prepare a sumptuous dinner for the both of you. Bake a cake if you want. Make sure it’s his/her favorite. If you’re both into photography, perhaps a tour to the best places to take pictures with? That leads us to another wonderful gift idea.
  • Treat your partner to a trip or a cruise. If you think there’s nothing that would appease your partner, tell it to the travel agent. Nobody can refuse travelling, especially if it’s a romantic cruise for a wedded couple. The open seas maybe perilous, but it’s the coolest place and sunsets on cruise ships are breathlessly awe-inspiring. It would surely leave an imprint on your partner’s memory. Taking it to a different level, it’s more romantic if your interests collide in your travel. If both of you like hiking, then go to the mountainside. It would be better if you’d make it a vacation travel to beat off stress from work.  Anywhere is the best place with your significant other.
  • Throw a party. If you love sharing your love story to your family or friends, then throwing a party for your anniversary is a great idea. As much as possible, keep your closest friends only. Anniversaries are still intimate events, and huge parties may shy away your partner who may just want to spend some time alone with you. Not that partying is an ultimately bad idea, though. In fact, sharing the best times with your beloved and your friends is something that you would definitely remember for the rest of your life. You can get party ideas from the conventional themes mentioned above, or you can think of something that will unite all of your interests in that party.