Trends for 2013: The Making of Every Bride’s Dream Wedding

June is just around the corner and with it is the month of weddings. It has long been a trend to be a “June bride”. June means the beginning of summer that can also mean the beginning of a union between two lovers who want to have a family. Whether if it is June or not, it is nice to know this year’s current wedding trends to help you- the bride or friend of the bride, plan a dream wedding that will surely delight everyone.

From wedding gowns, to flowers, shoes, invitations, themes and wedding cakes, this article will provide diverse ideas to help you choose the details of a bride’s unforgettable wedding. Planning can become tedious if unarmed with information. But with these current trends, a bride can gain a lot of insight and see what is in store for her this year.

1. The main theme for this year is minimalist English Romance. Think about sophistication and innocence married together to create a meaningful theme. Tables will be lined with low flower vases, clean linen and fine dining sets.

2. This year, romantic gowns are in! We will be seeing a lot of minimalist elements like strapless dresses with little frills. Lace was in last year and it looks like it will be continuing this year. A wide bright bow can add a splash of color to a simple and sweet strapless gown. The English romance has a lot to do with this trend. Less is definitely more in this case.

3. Flowers this year will be romantic as well, with peony as the top choice. Pink peony looks very sweet and innocent. It also holds a beautiful meaning- it symbolizes prosperity, good fortune and a blissful marriage. Cascades and garlands in receptions are also in this year because it creates an illusion of lush and natural flora.

4. Mint green is your wedding color this year, but elements of rainbow colors can also be a trend for this year. Example: dresses of bridesmaids in rainbow colors can add life to the stark white shade of the bride’s wedding gown.

5. Invitations become less formal or bold, with neon colors making its comeback. Playful patterns and 3D art can also become a trend for this year. Embellishments are also slowly making its way to the market and a strong choice for many brides.

6. Popular cakes this year are ruffled, bold and creative, and pastel colored ones thanks to the rise in popularity of shows like Great British Bake off. Dessert bars also undergo major transformation, as color makes its way to the sweets. Vintage, avant-garde and soft romantic are also trending for this year.

7. “A good shoe can take you everywhere”, someone once said. Good wedding shoes can lead you to forever! Bridal shoe trends for this year border to sparkly, blues, prints, vintage and adding a little more texture. Satins and laces are not the trend for this year. These are good choices, considering that there is a trend for romantic dresses. Splash of bold pattern can make a wedding gown or theme stand out.

8. Music playlist become more of a DIY thing.  Many couples are now considering choosing a variety of choices for their wedding. In the past, music list can be just soft and romantic. But now, couples are more adventurous. So don’t be surprised to hear rock, party music and then ballads in a wedding playlist. This trend may continue next year as well.

9. DIY and recycled favors can also become a trend especially for environment conscious couples. These are not only cheaper; it can also add a personal touch to the invitations and party favors. One trending item is personal stamp that are slowly gaining popularity among brides.

10. Last year, we have seen great prenuptial pictures and videos. This year, a new trend is about to emerge as we see “Prenuptial pictures for the groom”. What is it? It’s a pre-wedding photo-shoot of the bride specifically for her groom. It can be sexy, daring or even playful.

11. Food for the guests also takes a 360-degree spin as we see fresh farm produce makes its way to the bridal table. Family style menu and homemade desserts are growing trends this year. Who doesn’t love family food? This is after all a happy occasion for relatives and friends.

Wedding trend this year centers on a main theme which is English Romance. With this in mind, a bride can decide on beautiful elements that will surely make her day memorable when she says the words “I do.”