Practical Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Most women have dreamt of having a memorable wedding day. A perfect husband, beautiful flowers, an elegant wedding dress, a nice and cozy reception and of course a solemn and sacred wedding ceremony! One thing that adds contentment to any wedding is in celebrating it in the presence of the people you love. No wonder, bridesmaids play an integral role in any wedding. They make the bride as calm and relaxed as she can be while the bridesmaid works to perfect the details of the wedding. In general, bridesmaids are usually close friends of the bride, a sister or a relative.

Bridesmaids attend to the needs of the bride before the wedding, during the wedding day and even after the wedding ceremony. They help you look for that perfect wedding dress, wedding planner, caterer and even prepare the small things you will need on your first night with your husband. They are ready to spend their time thinking of how to make your big day a memorable one. Given all the effort a bridesmaid puts in a wedding, it is polite to offer a token of your appreciation through gifts. They need not be expensive, it is more of recognition to all the hard work they put in. Here are practical bridesmaid gift ideas that you might care to read about.

The first thing to consider is to know what would be their interests. Is she the sporty type who always enjoys the sun, playing, hiking and doing outdoor adventures? Does she love collecting things like jewelries, kitchen stuff and dresses? The next thing to do is to know her passion. Does she love baking, gardening or photography perhaps? You can also consider entertaining her, pampering her in a luxurious spa or dining with her at her favorite restaurant. Actually, in reality, it would not be difficult for you to know what to give her. She has been your closest buddy or relative and certainly you know all the things she likes.

If she likes to travel, you can buy her a traveling kit where you can put all her favorite makeup stuff like lipstick, eyeliner and shades of blushers. If she likes cooking, how about buying her cookbooks or kitchen equipment you know she lacks.

If your bridesmaid prefers something sentimental, how about considering making something for her like a personalized poem sealed in a frame, a hand painted vase with all her favorite colors on it, a scarf with her name knitted on it. You can also look for fine jewelries where you can engrave your message of thanks and her name on it.

If she enjoys the nightlife and outdoor fun, you can consider buying her tickets to a theater or concert of her favorite band. If she loves football or basketball or other games, treat her by buying a ticket for a team she roots for. You can also try dining with her at a restaurant serving her favorite gourmet food. Taking her to the movies starred with her favorite actors and actresses would suit just fine.

There are some classic gifts, however, that never fail to serve the purpose of pleasing bridesmaids. Jewelries would always do the trick even the inexpensive ones. Earrings that can compliment their gowns during the wedding would always be appreciated. Gold textured bangle bracelets are definitely one of the favorites of women. Clothes and dresses that they can wear after the wedding are also good ideas. Tank tops and robes are some good suggestions.

Nowadays, junior bridesmaids are commonly included in a wedding entourage. A junior bridesmaid is a girl who is clearly not of marriageable age but is considered part of the wedding celebration. Picking the perfect gift for your junior bridesmaids is certainly not a problem. Just like your bridesmaids, take note of their interests. If she is still in high school, you can think of buying her a pair of rubber shoes for her sports class. You can also consider buying her a musical instrument like a guitar or violin.

Your bridesmaids definitely deserve the best and shopping for the perfect gift for them is an exciting thing to do. Take these tips and surprise them with gifts they will truly appreciate!