Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas

While giving gifts is a personal option, it is still being practiced by almost everyone as it has become one of the established social conventions. Aside from being a customary habit, making someone extra happy on special occasions is undoubtedly rewarding. So for special events such as a wedding, preparing something even as simple as a homemade gift goes a long way in leaving an indelible mark to the couple.

Key Points to Consider in Choosing Wedding Gifts

Since weddings are the start of a married life, it is wise to choose something practical and usable like simple household items or furniture which the couple could use once they start their lives together. But of course, you may still consider other options if you wish to.

Incredible Wedding Gift Options

  • Painted or Sketched Old Pictures of the Couple – Picture paints a thousand words. A painted picture or an artful sketch speaks volumes to the couple and it could be a centerpiece for the newlywed’s new home. Of course, it needs skill and effort so this is purely to those gifted with the art form.
  • Home-made creative gifts such as mixed CDs – If you know the couple well, then a mixed CD is a memorable gift idea that would surely strike a chord. Record a collection of the couple’s favorite songs into a single CD, one in which they could listen to over and over again.
  • Useful Books for Newly Weds – Since we’re talking about practicality, you can find a ton of books on starting a family for newlyweds or building better marriage that could be essential to any married life. These books are not that expensive but could be a building block to any successful marriage.
  • Honeymoon Package – This doesn’t mean that you have to buy some sort of expensive wedding package. Special arrangements could be done to make a simple honeymoon become a great and remarkable one. It is all about the effort to find the best deals that the couple would love. Of course you can pair up with other friends to come up with the amount if it exceeds your budget.
  • Scrapbook – A collage of the couple’s journey through the years before marriage will be deeply appreciated. It is cost-effective, lasting and holds memories dear to the newlyweds.

Other Creative yet Practical Alternatives

If the options above do not suit your preferences, then you may resort to these alternative wedding gift ideas:

  • Gift Certificates – For any event, a gift certificate is a very practical gift idea as it affords the bearer the right to buy any of their personal preferences. This saves you a lot of time and effort but the downside is that it may seem too impersonal.
  • Massage and Spa Packages – Weddings could be tiresome and draining. Massage and Spa packages are the perfect wedding gift to those with the budget as it provides pampering and relaxation. Hence, giving them a free ticket to such will definitely make them happy and contented.