8 Ways to Incorporate Mason Jars at Weddings

Captivate your guests with more of your creativity with the use of mason jars. Mason jars are not just your ordinary jars because they can be a pretty accent to your wedding. Mason jars are also packed with charm and sweetness that most are fond of. They can be used in so many different ways and can easily blend with their adjoining accent. They can easily fit different themes, but are commonly seen at garden weddings, country weddings, shabby chic weddings, or on eco-friendly wedding.

Interesting Ways to Use Mason Jars at Weddings

Use them as photo holders.  Place your photos in a mason jar to showcase you and your beau. This will take just a few seconds to set up. You will just have to choose photos that will capture the love you have for your new groom, and the picture should also fit the jars. Place the photos standing upright or leaning against the side of the jar to make it unique.

Use them as hanging lanterns. Once the sun goes down, surprise your guests by lighting your mason lanterns. You can hang these everywhere. Hang them above each dining table, near the head table, hang them behind the couple as they say their vows, hang them on trees. Heck, you can hang them almost anywhere!

Use them as reception table numbers. There are options when using mason jars as table numbers since you can almost do anything with them. If you are going to have a rustic wedding, use barn wood or even old wood scraps. Paint on your numbers in rustic white. Once done, place these barn wood leaning on the jars. Another idea is to use wood chalkboard. Cut the wood chalkboard into shapes that you desire like flower shape, heart, stars, or just simple circles, then attach them to the mason jars to display on the table. Don’t forget to write the number for each chalkboard. The mason jars can be filled with flowers or any item you wish it filled.

Use it as a wedding invitation. Don’t worry! You won’t be sending your guests those glass jars. Get inspiration from these mason jars and create your own invites using their designs. This rustic wedding accessory can even help in creating the theme of your wedding as it is made as the main design of the invites.

Use them as glasses for beverages. Give one to each guest to use for their beverages and provide name tags for each one so that they can also take them home once the wedding is done. Just be creative on the type of delicious drink you will serve and the details you will put on the jars.

Use them to show your theme. Do this by coloring the jar with your chosen color scheme. Start by pouring paint in the jar. Use less paint if you want to take your time and do not want to waste paint. If you want to do it more quickly, use more paint and into the jar. Just pour back the remaining paint once all of the glass is covered. These colored jars can be used as table centerpieces together with your chosen flowers.

Use them as food favors. Yummy take-home dessert treats of your choice can be placed in these jars. How about a home-made chocolate mousse? Or strawberries filled with whip cream on top? You could put any dessert you want in these jars. You could also fill them up with treat of you and your hubby’s favorite dessert with a recipe on top to make it more personalized.

Use them as a candle accent. This is one DIY that is easy to do. Just put a candle inside and add a little accent outside and you can display it on your wedding. Set two or three jars of different sizes at the center of each table and place candles in each of the jars. Make sure that the candles are lit before the guests arrive so that the wax has already started melting at the bottom of the jar. For the added decoration, tie ribbons and bows or add a bouquet of flowers in between the jars.