12 Unique Anniversary Date Ideas to Share with your Spouse

Keeping the romance alive is what most couples want in a relationship. A lot of marriage couples still yearn to relive the memories of their wedding day. It is not impossible though, to recreate the wedding day when the anniversary comes.  It is also possible to spice things up even when the anniversary is done. Marriage life is not just a one big wedding event. Long after the wedding is done, you and your husband will search for means to make everyday special. So here are some inspirations for your anniversary and some date night ideas.

Relive Your First Date. Why not go out on a date while reliving the memories of your first date with your hubby? Make it more special and romantic by adding activities that you also haven’t done before. However, you may not be able to recreate the entire event especially when the old restaurant you used to go to is already closed or you have already moved to a new city so travelling to the old spots you used to go may not be easy. If circumstances are different, find a better alternative, but make certain that the concept stays the same.

Start a Tradition. Now this is an interesting idea to start an anniversary date night! An anniversary tradition may be anything you wish it to be. You can create a candlelight dinner at home, go skinny dipping on a nearby lake, go for a Ferris wheel ride, serenade each other and so much more.

Do Something New. While eating in a fancy restaurant may still excite you especially if you are trying a new place, but it is not actually something new. You can eat in a fancy restaurant any time of the year so it may not be as exciting if you do it every year. Why not, do something new instead? How about going camping or ride a hot air balloon? You could also surprise your spouse by learning a few dance moves, then show him what you have learned on your anniversary night.

Cook Dinner Together. But don’t just cook something ordinary! Spice the night up by using erotic ingredients that will sure to fire your libido. Use oysters, figs or avocados. Then, serve this up with lit candles and a bottle of your favorite champagne. You may end up not finishing the dinner!

Watch Your Wedding Video. You may not usually watch your video everyday, so get the romance night started by watching your old wedding video again. Prepare some snacks and a warm blanket so the two of you can cuddle up as you watch why you are with your hubby in the first place.

Give Gifts that Match Your Anniversary Year.  If it is your fourth year together, give him a bunch of flowers. If it is your ninth year, give him a leather wallet or a leather belt. Be creative in choosing a gift and make sure that he will also give you a gift that will match your anniversary year.

Go on a Road Trip. While life may become busy, take some time off and go on a road trip. You can even go on a road trip even if it is not your anniversary. How about driving every Saturday morning to a cool destination. It could be a flea market, a new store, a beach, or anywhere the two of you can just drive around and talk. It turns out that thanks to your seating position, your vehicle can be a good venue to discuss serious topics since men tend to open up more when they are sitting side by side rather than face-to-face.

Plan a Picnic. Nothing makes a man happier than some yummy snacks to eat. Prepare a blanket and a basket of some yummy snacks he enjoys eating. If the two of you love to read, then this is also a great opportunity to just relax and have a little “Me” time. Even if the two of you are just in the backyard, something about lying on the ground, while the two of you are doing your own thing, makes it quite pleasurable and relaxing.

Play a Childhood Game. Nostalgia-triggering activities can make you and your partner feel more connected. Why not, order a pizza and uncork a bottle of wine, then play some card games or board games you used to play when you were kids. This will be a good way to unwind and can also be done even after the anniversary date is over.

Head to the Spa. Ask for side-by-side facials, body treatments, or massages. And, to make the most out of the day, look for a place with complementary facilities such as a dry sauna or a mineral pool. Ask if you can get a day pass so the two of you can hang out and spend the day enjoying their amenities.

Play in the Rain. Good if it is raining on your anniversary! If the rain starts pouring, why not go outside and start playing in the rain. Sooner than later you will have a Noah and Allie from “The Notebook” type of scene.

Take a Surprise Trip. For husbands, surprising your wives to a trip she is not prepared for can be a very romantic gesture. Why not surprise her to go to the Bahamas even for a day and for certain she will never forget it.