10 Wedding Venue Shams You Should Know

Sham 1: Sit-down meals are lavish

There are some ways not to go bankrupt when having a sit-down meal. Consider that even the cheapest venue’s three-course weddings can be very pricey, but if you think creatively about the menu, you will be able to get the discount you need. Old favorites such as bangers and mash are reasonably priced, yet they can still be priced down. You could also offer canapés with pre-dinner drinks instead of serving a starter or just serve your wedding cake for dessert. You could also do a new idea from Lancashire wedding venue West Tower, which is a serviced buffet. Each table will have shared platters that will combine the atmosphere of a sit-down meal plus the value of a buffet.

Sham 2: Allocate thousands of dollars for decorations alone

Flowers and decorations are all pretty, but are they really important? Brides commonly think that it is alright to spend thousands on decorations. But, in most cases, less is more, especially if you are going to have your wedding that do not require a lot of decoration. There are ways to save from decorations. Why not ask the venue manager if they can provide table linens, printed menus, and accessories free of charge? If you are also going to have flowers in the ceremony room, have them move to the reception area. And, if your bridesmaids are up to giving up their bouquets, place these bouquets as top-table decorations.

Sham 3: You cannot create your own set packages

You are not actually limited by the packages offered for weddings. Most brides think that they can save money from this, but what they do not realize is that they are being dictated by a venue’s set package. Package deals can deceive brides into thinking that they are getting value for their money. However, they do not know that they are just paying add-ons for items they do not want or do not need. You can however, create what you want and prioritize what you think is important for you. Do not be afraid to negotiate so that you only pay for just the items that you want.

Sham 4: Booking early is necessary

Most people would recommend to book weddings at an earlier date so that they can easily get the date they want and get a possible discount in the process. But, if you are willing to take a gamble on the venue’s availability, you can also get deals at a later time. The truth is, a last minute wedding will even put you in a good position with wedding vendors and even the venue. You could get great discounts as well especially for venues who just want to fill a gap in their schedule.

Sham 5: You can only use your venue supplier

It is common for venues to recommend their own supplier since they can still profit from them and you. But, do not think that you do not have a choice. If it is about the food and drinks, like many hotels, it is reasonable for them to insist their own supplier. But, when it comes to flowers, photographers and entertainers, you still have the last say.

Sham 6: Exclusive means expensive

A lot of brides avoid exclusive use properties since they think it will be expensive. But, there are a lot of great venues that will give you exclusivity and still will not cost a lot. The key to finding the right location is timing. Set your wedding during an off-peak season like during a weekday or during the winter months.

Sham 7. Hiring a wedding planner is also expensive

A good consultant can save you more than her fee. Getting their help will allow you to take benefits of the suppliers they already know and they will also help you find the perfect wedding venue. This will result to saving you more time from finding one vendor to the next plus the discount that they can get from their suppliers since they are considered repeat customers.

Sham 8: Double event means double the cost

An evening reception may look like another expense to your wedding day. However, a lot of venues offer free room rentals when you book an afternoon event. When it comes to your food, just cater 70% for your evening guests since your afternoon guests have already eaten. Serve cold meals like cheese platters or finger buffets. If you are going to have an open bar, make sure not to spend a lot for drinks by setting a limit to your guests. Once they have already reached their limit, let them pay for the rest.

Sham 9: Assume that you will spend a lot on drinks

Most of our guests love the free booze we can offer them and it is just natural to be in a bit of a panic. Don’t worry, just look for a venue that offers a minimal corkage fee, or none at all, or a place where you can just bring your own alcohol. Find great deals in supermarkets or just serve wine instead of champagne. You could also serve budget-friendly arrival drinks or just serve non-alcoholic drinks with dinner.

Sham 10: Having a lot of guests means a bigger budget

Do not think this way since you can still have a big wedding even if your budget is small. If you want to invite a lot of people, consider serving a buffet instead of a sit-down meal. Think twice before deciding if a separate evening event is for you. Many brides think that a small afternoon reception can cost them money, but will end up paying more since they have hundreds of evening guests. Instead, set your wedding later in the afternoon so that you can just have the same crowd for the afternoon and evening reception.