Wedding Ideas

10 Wedding Venue Shams You Should Know

Sham 1: Sit-down meals are lavish

There are some ways not to go bankrupt when having a sit-down meal. Consider that even the cheapest venue’s three-course weddings can be very pricey, but if you think creatively about the menu, you will be able to get the discount you need. Old favorites such as bangers and mash are reasonably priced, yet they can still be priced down. You could also offer canapés with pre-dinner drinks instead of serving a starter or Continue reading

Unplugged Wedding Versus the Techie World of Wedding Photography

Between your professional wedding photographer and your guests’ iPhone, which would you prefer taking pictures of you? We all know the trend these days at weddings. If you have a phone or tablet with you, you will inevitably take shots of the couple since most of the guests are doing it anyway. There is no stopping guests from taking pictures of the couple Continue reading

10 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Help You

1. Get Them To Work

Don’t take all the responsibilities by yourself. Let your bridesmaids and maid of honor help you out. You can invite them for an assembly-line party and make the day really interesting for them. They may think that an assembly-line party will be dull, annoying and boring, but including the word party to it, will give it a social ring that will make them feel excited to join.

2. Don’t Forget the Drinks

One of the best parts about preparing your wedding with your bridesmaids is that you can drink with them. How about choosing a signature cocktail and have the girls drink with you? It’s a great way to loosen up by just sipping even a bit of alcohol down their throats and let the fun begin. But, don’t drink too much since you do not want the day to turn into a vomit or a sob fest.

3. Make a Brunch a Bouquet-Making Time

Since we all love brunch, arrange a brunch with the girls, but make it different by adding a bouquet-making time. Just say to your friends, “Hey! Let us all have brunch,” and then follow it by saying, “and help me with the bouquet arrangements too. If you are all up for it.” Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to creating different floral arrangements.

4.  Let Them Fashion You Up

On your wedding, no one else gets to look as pretty as you. So, why not ask your bridesmaids to try  jewelry making? You could also tell them that they can keep some of the jewelry they make. Now that is a good deal! Or, at the day of the wedding, ask some of them to do your hair or makeup especially if you know they are good at it.

5. Let Them Make The Wedding Favors

Creating DIY favors are actually not that difficult and there are so many stores that supply different items that can be made as favors. If your friends love to bake, why not ask them to make some cookies, cupcakes, or anything they can place in personalized boxes? The choices are endless when it comes to DIY favors and all you have to do is ask them and work with them as you prepare for your big day.

6. Don’t Let Them Forget That You Are The Star

While your bridesmaids may also want some attention, make sure they know that you are the star. It is all about you and they are there to be supportive and just to make you look even good. But, don’t forget to show your appreciation for them especially if they are giving you everything you need.

7. Be Crafty

This is mostly effective if you have a bridesmaid who loves to create photo props. If you happen to have an elementary school teacher in the group, she may even lead the entire project since she knows all about them. All you will do is just sit and relax and watch while the photo props become a finished product.

8. Create Farewell Streamers

If you are one of those couples who do not want an eyeful of rice on their wedding day as the guests say their farewell, then make your bridesmaids create farewell streamers. Farewell streamers are a great alternative to rice and they are not at all messy.

9. Don’t Make The Guests Forget

If you are serving drinks, you may need drink stirrers. Drink stirrers are all cute and useful until your guests tend to forget where they put them and if they are using their own stirrers and not somebody else’s. So have the girls create drink stirrers that have the names of the guests on it. It will be really creative plus you are certain to stir up some memories particularly when everyone’s enjoying their drinks.

10. Tie Them Down

You might not need your bridesmaids to help you wrap your favors especially if it is just all about ribbons and tying them. You could even ask a group of girls to help you out on this since they will totally enjoy the attention and the process that comes with it.