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Essential Tips for Having Splendid Wedding Shower Games

Since 1890s, wedding shower games have become the integral part of US customs and traditions. The main intention of these shower games remains to honor a bride-to-be in the weeks before her wedding date. Irrespective of its origin, today wedding shower games are congregations where female friends do their best to honor the bride-to-be and give her gifts. Thus we can say that since time immemorial games and activities have remained a vital part of the bridal shower tradition without which the wedding preparation could remain monotonous. The gifts in these games are usually household items, but nowadays personal gifts like lingerie have become common too. It all depends on you how you would like these games to be. For example, whether you want these games to be unique or bawdy, the ball remains in your court. Following are the basic guidelines, which will help you choose your own wedding shower game ideas so that you can become a bit more creative:

Understanding the game’s basics – You can portray wedding shower games, which include ladies, as ice-breakers which help in fostering interaction among guests who do not know each other. These games can range from boring, ridiculous, to a bit sophisticated. Some people hate to be a part of it, while some simply love these games and think the other way, if they did not become a part of it.

Choose your games cautiously – At the outset you have to choose the games carefully and tailor them with the assistance of your group. If you choose these games carefully which suit the age and persona around, you can imagine that everyone around would remain enthusiastic.

Did you know that two to four games would be enough? More than this will make your guests uncomfortable and may start to lose their interest. While planning or starting games ensure you have all the tools with you, like keep plenty of pens and papers ready and have spacious space for guests to play so that they could feel relaxed.

Keep prizes handy – Prizes no matter how small they may be help in gathering interest in shower games. Think on which items would be appropriate for the occasion. For example, you can purchase items like body lotions, candy or chocolate, candles, kitchen towels, trinket boxes, bookmarks, bath soaps, photo albums, sachets… the list remains endless. Use your mind to come up with attractive gifts.

Which games are the best?

You may come across myriad game ideas. Some of the games have been played in the past while some are new. But the rule is while selecting the game everyone present should feel enthusiastic. On a safer side choose bridesmaid in-charge of running these games smoothly.

About Games to play

What’s in a name – You can play this straightforward and quiet game throughout the shower, which guests will really enjoy. In this game guests have to come up with adjectives of bride’s and groom’s names like Gardenia and Aden and they could also provide the meaning of their names like “Sweet”, “Attractive”, Handsome”… The guest who comes up with more new words wins the game.

The best song of the wedding – As soon as guests start entering the venue, she should be provided with a piece of paper to jot down her wedding song. As the party unfolds ask the bride to hymn each song and guests have to guess whom the song belongs to, bride or groom. Moreover they have to find out which song is close to bride and groom. This will make the event a great affair, where you will come to know in detail about different wedding songs of family and friends and which song has been their favorite one.

Know the bride – This could be a sort of bridal quiz show, where guests are provided a page with questions about the bride. After getting the questions, the bride will provide answers to the host of the show. The questions range from the bride’s life like name, her first pet, her major college or school, habits she likes most about the groom. The person who furnishes more correct answers could be provided with gift or memento. It will be a fun around.

Brainstorming session – When the guests start arriving at the venue, provide them a sheet and ask them to write their tip about “What makes a good marriage”. After collecting all the tips, bride will read these tips aloud and the guests will have to guess who wrote this tip. No doubt you will come to know what’s in the mind of the family and friends and everyone comes to know some silly and some wise facts about the marriage.

Like these there are countless wedding shower games, you can ponder and make the D day of bride and groom as unforgettable one and which everyone can cherish for times to come.