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Avoiding Reception Blues with Fun Wedding Games

By the age of 30, most people might have gone to one or a number of wedding receptions, and at some point they found it boring. Yes, there is a planned program in the reception that entails a speech from the Best Man, the ceremonial dance, and the likes; but there are ways to spice up the reception party. Remember that the guests themselves made their way out of their personal schedules to attend to the wedding ceremony and reception, and they just don’t want food out of it.

To spice up a wedding reception, try adding fun games and activities. The only problem with that is choosing from a lot of available activities. You must choose sensibly according to your guests. For instance, try sensible games if there are old people on board, but more physically engaging games if there are more children. Here are some suggestions on wedding games and activities that you can try.

  • Writing Wall/ Finish the Poem. This is very ideal if the ones marrying are writers or poets, or anybody who just loves a good word. Try to have a large wall setup by the reception venue. Before entering, a guest must first put some verse on that wall, to be continued by another line of verse by the succeeding guest/s. This would be a good memento for the couple. Instead of a poem, this could contain words of encouragement.
  • Photo Booth. Who does not love a photo at the wedding, where you tire yourself to look beautiful in the formal attire? Photo booths are increasingly popular in most weddings, themed weddings particularly.  A simple photo booth can be a wall with a tarp or banner at the background. However, you can hire a professional photo booth for the guests.
  • Relay Races. This is fun for all ages. You can get creative in the making of these relay races by combining one of the many games that children do in parties. This is actually fun for adults, considering their inner child is not lost yet. A relay race must be ordered with challenges, like balloon popping, guess the sketch, etc. The prizes would be decided upon by the couple or the wedding organizer.
  • Talent Show. Have your guests think of what talents they would want to showcase on your reception. This is a chance for your nephew who wants to be a singing diva, or your brother who’s a frustrated dancer. Make sure they’ve registered before the reception date so that it would be organized. It’s an event in an event, after all. The prizes would be decided upon by the couple or the wedding organizer. If you think a lot of people would just be singing the night off, then just place a karaoke and award prizes to the one who gets the highest score and loudest audience applause.
  • Indoor Games. Children’s games like Musical Chairs or Limbo that’s not included in the Relay Race is also okay. The key to making these games successful is a lively and engaging host that would introduce the game and invite participants to try it out. Of course, the prize must also be tantalizing for them to “humiliate” themselves. The prizes would be decided upon by the couple or the wedding organizer.

If any more of these ideas are exhausted and no idea seems to fit, it’s time to get more creative. If there are many sports fans within the guest list, why not try a quiz bee? Or, if it’s a Western-themed wedding (an odd choice, of all themes), then why not try a mock Cowboy shootout? The fun in the reception lies in the ingenuity and creativity of the wedding plan.