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8 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are not actually as crucial as your wedding cake or as important as your wedding dress, but they are still a great way to show your guests that you did not forget them. Favors do not actually need to be extravagant. What is important is that you find favors that will reflect your personality and as much as possible find favors that your guests can use. Great news for brides though is that there are so many great favors to choose from. The problem however, is because there are so many choices, brides find themselves confused on the type of favors they can give. To help you with the process of finding your own favors, here are some tips on getting this done without the headache:

Time-Honored Favors. Nothing beats a traditional wedding with traditional favors. Planning this will include simple, and yet lustrous colors and style. Why not give your guests with Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbon? You could also pack them in boxes made of sugar, straw, paper, metal, or plastic. Then, attach a little card explaining the meaning of almonds so that your guests would feel that you spent a lot of time preparing them. Or use cookies, candies, tea lights, mini picture frames, scented candles stuffed in decorative favor boxes or bags as an alternative.

Opt for color and theme. Color-themed weddings are also popular and a lot of brides choose to create such weddings because of the potential it could bring. Guests can easily recognize the wedding theme and appreciate the simplicity and uniqueness of the wedding. The colors that you choose, the decoration and the packaging will reflect the theme of the day.

Do it on your own. DIY favors are very common these days. Start by looking for items on local craft stores since they usually have some DIY kits that brides can use. However, baked goods and homemade treats are commonly made as DIY. Creating your own projects will become a great bonding time for the whole bridal party and for your family as most would take part in baking and boxing the baked goodies.

Hit two birds with one stone. Since planning a wedding can really be time-consuming, why not be creative and have your wedding favors work as escort cards? There are so many great favors and escort cards to choose from that will also depend on the theme of your wedding. How about giving small plants with a little tag with the guest’s names and their table number? Perfect for an eco-friendly wedding! Or small toy cars, or candles with a glass candle holder with the names of the guests and their table number?

Cut corners with couple favors. Weddings can be expensive and giving couple favors to couples who came in together would be a great way to save. Do not think that favors are not that expensive. They could still affect your budget if not done right. Search for favors that couples can enjoy together such as potted plants, gourmet gifts, cupcake boxes, love birds tea candles, salt and pepper shakers and so many more.

Add Uniqueness. While traditional flavors never run out of style, unique favors can add drama and flare to the event. Every bride wants to be original and this is what unique flavors can give. How about bake some love letter cookies? Or have personalized pencils that match the wedding theme? There are also flip-flop bottle openers that are suitable for beach weddings, or a burlap bag filled with coffee. The choices are endless.

Pay tribute. Instead of preparing favors, you could also consider giving your favor budget to a cause near your heart. This could also be a great opportunity to give back to a charitable organization that you believe in and help them even in your own little way.

When do you give them? In most cases, wedding favors are usually given when the reception is almost near to a close. However, you could also choose the most appropriate time that is suitable for everyone. These favors can be placed on a table by the door so that guests will not miss grabbing one as they head home, or assigned usherettes that could go table to table to distribute them.