15 Unique Winter Wedding Favors

Like all other wedding favors, your winter wedding will also be your chance to show much of your creativity and express individuality. This can also enhance the theme of your wedding. So in the spirit of your much awaited event and the upcoming holidays, here are some ideas for your winter wedding favors.

Edible Favors

1. Gingerbread Cookies or biscuits. This is the ultimate favor for a winter wedding. Package them in cellophane and tie them with a ribbon that matches the color of your wedding. Biscuits or cookies are great winter favor options because they are simple, and yet everyone loves them. You can present simple vanilla rolls tied with a bit of greenery, iced biscuits tied with twine, or gingerbread houses placed in plates or cups.  You could also provide gingerbread boys and girls cookie cutters that are tied in a cute ribbon. Your guests will for sure grab not even one, but some as they go back home.

2. Chocolates. Chocolates are always perfect in any season, but during winter it is a wedding favor essential. Chocolates can perfectly match a ballroom wedding. Just display them in personalized boxes and place them on trays on the dessert table or on your guests table and everyone will love them.

3. Chestnuts. Set up a roasting station so that guests can take their own freshly warmed treat. Don’t forget to include small pouches where they could put their chestnuts.

4. Citrus marmalade. This in-season favor that looks great in a favor display can be your perfect marmalade. Make them yourself and it will be the perfect winter gift.

5. Seasonal fruits. Food is one of the best favor options because they will not be forgotten, lost or left behind. For a winter wedding, try seasonal fruits such as apples or pears and put them in pretty packaging. You could also wrap up some toffee apples for that nostalgic childhood feel.

6. Hot Drinks. Hot drinks always go well with the cold weather, which make them a perfect favor. You could give away hot chocolate or cocoa placed in sealed jars. Or, coffee beans placed in mini personalized burlap sack, or even tea bags.

7. Smores Gift Package. This will include chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker placed in individual boxes and tied together with holiday string.

Practical Ideas

8. Handmade Soaps. Handmade soaps with snowflakes etched into it and is covered in holiday wrapping paper is really practical since your guests will eventually enjoy and use them right after they go home.

9. Blankets and Wraps. If your idea for a winter wedding includes any kind of outdoor element, then giving away blankets and wraps can serve as a dual purpose to the day. They can use them throughout the ceremony and reception, and will end up as a great take away gift for each guests. The variety of styles range from snug as a bug campfire rugs, fluffy white wraps and colorful pashminas.

10. Gloves or Mittens. If you want an alternative for the blankets and wraps, gloves or mittens are your second choice.

11. Personalized Lip Balm. Present these to your guests and expect smooches everywhere. They can be customized with the name and date of the wedding, and could even include a special message from the couple.

Seasonal Ideas

12. Ornaments. Since you are getting married during winter, you can always follow the Christmas feel. Go with ornaments, but do not buy just the same old ones. Instead, try to customize them. Paint the outside in a color pattern that you like, or you could just buy clear ornaments and fill them with designs that you like. You could even put hot chocolate mix and marshmallows inside.

13. Customized Snow Globes. How about creating snow globes out of plastic figurines, or old mason and jelly jars. Although this may take a while to make and it may require some help, but guests will for certain appreciate the uniqueness of each piece and will be proud to display your creation in their homes.

14. Mini Christmas Trees. This is one favor that is so easy to make and can be appreciated easily. Just place your mini Christmas trees wrapped in burlap, then create a personalized tag and they are ready to be given away.

15. Tree seedlings. If you are hosting an eco-friendly wedding and have a lot of eco-friendly guests who loves gardening, offer them with tree seedlings that they can plant in their yards. This will be a great reminder of your winter wedding as they are able to see the seedling you gave them grow and becomes a tree year after year.