15 Unique Wedding Favors That Create Great Memories

There are so many creative ways to say “Thank You” to your guests. But with the variety of choices to choose from there is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed. Whether you are in for some homemade delight, creative DIY’s, or just going to buy already crafted wedding favors there is something perfect for you and your wedding. The challenge however, is to find the best suitable favor that will cater to your style, wedding and budget. To start you with your search, here are some creative wedding favors to choose from.

Unique Homemade Goodies

1. Donuts. Packed in personalized boxes, your donuts will be swarmed by guests as they get your prepared sweet donuts.

2. S’mores Kit. What are the components of a perfect s’more? Graham crackers, whole marshmallows, chocolate bars, and a stick or wire. Place them all together in a personalized plastic bag, or box. Give them to your guests and your night will end up with them cooking the s’mores at the reception.

3. Jar of Jam. Have everyone go home with your own delicious recipe of jam. Place them in small personalized mason jars and they will be all ready to serve. What is great with this homemade goody is that you can prepare them long before the wedding and they will still taste great.

4. Coffee Beans. If you have a favorite brew and want to share the taste to your family and friends, then share it with them. Place them in pre-packaged personalized craft paper, mason jars, or bags with drawstring and everyone will be happy to take one home and start brewing.

5. Hot Cocoa Cones.  Perfect for a winter-wedding theme. Give each guests this rich and delicious hot cocoa cones so that they can whip them up as soon as they come home.

6. Sweet as Honey. Guests will all be excited to bring one home as they will enjoy this delectable for sure.

Unique DIYs

7. Choose Succulents. Who would not want to take home an eco-friendly favor? Place them in a small box or even on vintage tea cups, and they can be made as table numbers or escort cards making them a double purpose favor.

8. Soaps. If you know how to create your own signature fragrant soap, then why not make one? But, there are also some stores that provide such service. You can have them create your own unique soap while personalizing it. Place them in personalized wrappers and your guests will surely love to take one (or more) home.

9. Instagram Coasters. If you want something totally unique, have your photographer make a collage of your meaningful pictures and make coasters out of it. It’s a great way for guests to remember you and is useful too.

10. Personalized Tote Bag. Why not give everyone a personalized tote bag with your name, place of the wedding and the date of your wedding printed on the bag. You can even place candies and assortment of goodies inside to make it the ultimate favor.

Unique Ready Favors

11. Bottle Openers. Now this is one type of favor everyone could use long after the wedding is done. Found in assortment of shapes and sizes, you can choose the perfect bottle opener that will suit the theme and mood of the wedding. Buy antique key bottle openers, heart shaped bottle openers, and so many more.

12. Personalized Flash Drive. One of the most trendy wedding favors these days because of their many uses, these flash drives can be chosen in a variety of color, shapes, and can also be personalized so your guests will not forget who gave them this useful present.

13. Flip Flops. Great for a  beach wedding, make your guests take off their shoes and let them wear the flip flops you have for them as they enter the reception. Everyone will be wearing the same type of flip flops that would look great in photos as well. After the wedding, they can still use your favor and enjoy its use at home.

14. Luggage Tags. Perfect give away for a destination wedding. Your guests will appreciate this since they can use them right away. These luggage tags can be found in a variety of designs and colors. Personalize them with their names at the front and a funny note at the back such as “NOT YOUR BAG” or “DIRTY CLOTHES INSIDE” to make it more memorable.

15. Charity Donation. There is nothing more memorable than making everyone feel special. Giving a charity donation to your chosen organization will not just lift the feelings of the organization, but will also allow your guests to feel that they helped in their own way. Notify your guests that you made a donation in their names in lieu of wedding favors .