15 of the Most Classic but Unique Winter Wedding Favors

Are you going to have your wedding this winter? If you are, then you know that you are creating an elegant, stunning and romantic affair. With Christmas season just around the corner, your winter wedding will be like the holidays as you will be celebrating it with close family and friends, and an abundance of food and presents. With all the preparations for your upcoming event, do not forget to prepare your winter wedding favors. Make sure that you warm their hearts with a treasure they will not forget. Looking for winter-theme wedding favors?

Here are 15 of the Most Classic, yet Unique Wedding Favors for  Winter Weddings:

Edible Creations

1. Gourmet Chocolates. Whether you put them in mason jars or delicately place them in creative boxes, chocolates are a perfect compliment for a winter wedding. Just display them at each place setting or on trays near the dessert table and everyone will just grab one and take it home. You could also include a thankful note set on the jar or box to make it more personalized.

2. Chestnuts. Ask your caterer to set up a roasting station so that guests can take home their own freshly warmed chestnuts. You could also place them in small pouches and let them roast their own chestnuts at home on their own preferred time.

3. Gingerbread Cookies. How about giving away some adorable cookie snowman, angels, elf or gingerbread cookies that can be a perfect treat when it is cold outside?  Package them in cellophane and tie each one with a ribbon that matches the wedding theme. These basic gingerbread cookies can also make wonderful edible Christmas tree ornaments if you wish them to be.

4. Pie Tarts. Individual pecan pie tarts can leave a great impression to your guests. Just make sure that it will not upstage the cake. Put them in personalized small boxes and place each one on their tables so your guests can indulge.

5. Dried Fruit and Nut Mixes. You can prepare the mix at home and give each of your guests a pack of it. It is easy to make and everyone is for certain to enjoy them.

6. Mint Chocolate Candies. You can never go wrong with these mint chocolate candies since they are an ideal giveaway any time of the year. Place them in personalized mint tins for your guests to take home.

7. Maple Syrup. A perfect giveaway during the holidays. Place each in a 50ml bottle and personalized them. You can create your own maple syrup or buy the whole stock. Whatever your preference is, your guests will greatly appreciate the effort in making their breakfast extra special when they taste and take home each of your bottles.

Unique Treasures

8. Hand-Knitted Mittens. It is cold in winter and giving away hand-knitted mittens will help keep the palms and fingers warm during the wedding. They will also be able to use their mittens after the event and for the rest of the chilly season.

9. Pen or Pencil Toppers. Create snowman toppers for pens or pencils or any design that is related to a winter theme. Use a small styrofoam and shape it to the design you like such as creating a pine cone, snowflakes or a snowman.

10. Magnets or Magnetic Frames. Magnets or magnetic frames are very usable since guests can put their own pictures inside and use it as decor. They are made as a decoration for cupboards and refrigerators and will also be a great way to remind guests about some memorable events on your big day.

11. Beautifully Made Favor Pouches. Strap a rectangular strip of fabric to your desired width, but allow a half-inch seam on both sides and twice the preferred height. With the right sides of the fabric facing, fold the fabric in half, and turn the whole inside out. Fill the bag with treats that you want to share with your guests and finish it up with a ribbon.

12. Treasure Box. You can never go wrong with a personalized treasure box. Your guests will for certain keep them and use them to put their precious treasures. Insert a personalized message for all your guests to read, and let them remember your wedding day.

13. Scented Soap. Scented soaps are very popular during winter since this can also help in keeping everyone moisturized. Add the decorative wrapper that includes the names or initials of the couple and the date of the wedding and these scented bars are perfect.

14. Ornament Favors . Ornament favors are perfect for the Christmas holidays and you can also give away ornaments that relate to your wedding. How about giving away an ornament version of your getaway car or an ornament of a bride and groom?

15. Mini Christmas Trees. Give a favor that shows love growing and will exceed expectations. Seedlings are available at nurseries and can be easily placed in small pots to give away during the wedding.