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2013 Toilet Paper Wedding Dressmaking Contest

Thinking about your dream wedding is one thing, planning it is another thing. In most weddings, the bride is the star of the wedding; face it guys, you know it’s true. Her wedding dress is one of the most important items that must be carefully planned. However, the wedding dress can be quite expensive because common dress materials do not come cheap these days.

Today, with economy being what it is, almost everyone wants to save money. Many are embracing the idea on saving money for weddings. Let’s face it, weddings can be really expensive, but the wedding dress does not have to be. How about a toilet paper wedding dress? I know, I know, that sounds completely whacky, but hear me out. Toilet paper is not a known material for wedding dress making, but some people can create a wedding dress from that soft, lightweight paper used in bathrooms. With a dash of creativity and rolls of toilet paper you can make your wedding dress. This is the concept of Cheap Chic Weddings annual toilet paper contest.

The 9th Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest rolled out on March 30, 2013, sponsored by Charmin. Operators of the popular website, Laura Gawne, Susan Bain and Roxie Radford asked their followers to join toilet paper wedding dressmaking contest. If you can come up with a beautiful toilet paper wedding dress you might just bag the $2000 cash prize. The second and third placers will get $1000 and $500, respectively.

Two-time contestant Susan Brennan of Orchard Lake, Mississippi topped last year’s TP contest with her playfully sophisticated entry called Bohemian Cupcake. With ten rolls of Charmin, glue, tape, needle and thread, and amazing level of talent, she came up with the best wedding dress creation.

To join the contest, plan your design and create a wedding dress out of Charmin-brand toilet paper. You cannot use any other tissue. To lessen the cost of making your toilet paper wedding dress, contestants can print out Charmin toilet paper coupons on

You can use tape, glue, needle and thread to create your toilet paper wedding dress. No other materials, accessories and tools are allowed. Your entry must be in dress form and wearable.

Take pictures of your wedding dress creation. You will need a model or mannequin to get a good picture of the front, back and side. You can even model it yourself. Then, email your entry photos to Deadline for submission is on May 10, 11PM EST.

The criteria for judging will be based on beauty, originality, and creativity in use of toilet paper. Cheap Chick Weddings panel of judges will choose the top 10 entries and online voting will be open to the public to decide for the best toilet paper wedding dress. On June 6, the top three entries will be showcased at RK Bridal in New York City and the winning dress will be announced that day. Kate Pankoke, Project Runaway Season 11 designer and owner/creative manager of Elaya Vaughn Bridal will help crown the winning dress in NY. This contest is open to US and Canada entrants with age 18 and above.