How to Choose Your Hawaiian Beach Wedding Dress

So, you are going to have a wedding in Hawaii? You must be very excited to be having a wedding in such a great location. Hawaii is a tropical paradise that is filled with great waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes, and flowers of different kinds, which makes it the perfect place to finally say  your “I dos.” And, even if you are not getting married in Hawaii, but is still having a beach wedding, there are still a lot of planning to do.

Beach weddings are known more for their informal type of weddings. However, this does not mean that your wedding will not be as special or glamorous as you want it to be. Make sure that you find the right wedding dress and you will have a great wedding you will never forget.

So how do you find the right dress that is going to be perfect for a day at the beach? Well, you are in luck because more and more wedding designers are coming up with unique and creative dresses that can cater to any type of wedding. Your goal as a bride is to find a wedding dress that will make you stand out while still being comfortable.

An ideal beach dress must be ideal for outdoors where the sand, humidity, and heat comes into play. It should be lightweight, flowy, and flattering by considering your shape, the fabric to be used, the style, and the accessories that you will use with it.

Consider your Shape

  1. For a bride with an hourglass figure and has a waist that is well defined and accompanied by a large bust, a better choice is to wear  a sweetheart neckline. For a bride with a small waistline, a ball gown will suffice. Gowns that hug the body can be very advantageous since this can help in accentuating your curves. However, ball gowns are not beach friendly. It is heavy and difficult to transport. Once you wear it, you may become uncomfortable as you may get in contact with water and humidity making the gown to become heavier.
  2. For a bride that has a rectangular figure that lacks a defined shape, sheath dresses can be the perfect solution. This type of dress can also help in enhancing your bust. Sheath dresses are shorter in length, less formal and sexier, making it the perfect wedding dress.
  3. For a slim bride, choose a mermaid type of wedding dress or an empire gown. If you want to create a larger chest, a ruche bodice can work well. To appear taller, choose a wedding gown with a high waist.
  4. An ‘A’ line dress is the perfect wedding dress for all types of women since it can easily emphasize the waist, thus creating that ‘A’ shape. The length it offers and the skirt it gives makes it a great combination for the wind and sand.

Consider the Style and Fabric

  1. The styles of wedding dresses that you can choose are: halter, strapless, one-shoulder, and ones with sleeves.  
  2. Tulle, and organza layered in ocean colors or a slip dress can be a great option. Be certain that your chosen dress is lightweight and fabulous so you will feel more comfortable. Wearing a slip dress can give you the option of even playing in the ocean without ruining the dress.
  3. Create elegance by choosing a bias cut, floor length satin, chiffon, or silk dress. You can also wear a short veil to male you look like a sophisticated bride.
  4. Wearing sarong with matching tops is easily matches a Hawaiian wedding.
  5. The length of the dress is necessary and it is most common to find a  short train than a long one.

Consider the Accessories

  1. For brides who are going to wear their veils, choose a calf length or shorter one to keep it off the ground.
  2. Wearing sandals, flip flops, classic ballet flats, or even going barefoot can add to the drama of the event. Do not try to wear shoes with heels especially if you are going to have your ceremony at the beach since you may soon regret it. If you are thinking on going barefoot, make sure that the hour of your ceremony is not hot, or else you may find yourself wanting the ceremony to end even if it just started. As a precaution, have your sandals ready  at the ceremony.
  3. Consider plugging some fresh flowers on to your hair if you are not going to wear a veil. This will also help in complimenting the theme and complimenting the wedding location. You can also not tie your hair completely and let it flow naturally.
  4. For the jewelry, you can choose a pearl necklace or use jewelry that has designs of corals, starfish, sun, dolphins, and so on. Make certain that the bridal jewelry matches the dress so that you can easily achieve that overall bridal look.

It may be overwhelming to see so many different styles of dresses that are dedicated to beach weddings. However, choosing the right Hawaiian beach wedding dress is actually not that difficult if you will consider your body shape, your own style and where you are comfortable with. Of course, you will also have to think about the formality of the occasion. But, no worries since you know that having a wedding at the beach will allow you to find the most relaxing dress that you can find while showcasing your own individuality.