Have You Thought About Trashing Your Wedding Dress?

Instead of preserving your wedding gown and probably stowing it away until you forget about it, you can choose to trash the dress (TTD). The trash the dress trendĀ  is not as bad as it seems since there areĀ  a lot of adventurous brides that are choosing this opportunity to give their dress one more great credit. What most of these brides will do, is to creatively trash their wedding dress with the use of paint, cake, water, and sometimes even fire. And, with the help of a professional wedding photographer, he or she will capture the moments while the wedding dress is being trashed.

Where to Trash the Wedding Dress?

The places where to trash the wedding dress may take place in a variety of unorthodox settings. This can be done in industrial parks, on a snow, on a beach, a swimming pool, in your backyard or any place you and your photographer can make great pictures together.

Brides can choose a more natural environment such as submerging themselves into the water of lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. Others do a more fun setting such as climbing a mountain, sky diving, bungee jumping, or doing it in an ice skating rink. There are a few however, that puts the trashing of the wedding dress into the next level, and that is by literally lighting their wedding dress on fire while the bride is still wearing her gown.

The Role of Your Photographer

As most trash the wedding dress shots are done after the wedding, the photographer who will be in charge for this project should be able to have the right gear for the photo shoot. Some professionals can even create stunning pictures of the bride together with her groom under water while there are photographers who can use the elements of fire to make the wedding dress look more stunning without the use of Photoshop.

When choosing a photographer, make sure that he has an experience with doing different types of trash the dress shoots. He should have the right gear to use in the shoot since he may only have one chance in creating the scenario. For instance, if the bride wishes to do the shots underwater, the wedding photographer should have cameras that can be used underwater. Or, if they are going to use fire, they should also know the necessary precautions of using it while keeping the bride safe.

Precautions with Trash the Wedding Dress

Make certain that you will be safe at all times with the elements you will be using especially when it comes to water and fire. If you and your photographer will be shooting near a lake, river or even near a pond, make sure that the wedding dress you are wearing will not pull you down as it gets soak and as it gets heavy. If you are going to use fire, make sure that you will be safe with it and that they can easily extinguish the fire as soon as the shots are done. Always ask your photographer about safety issues and how they will implement this during the shoot. Although it is always great to get dynamic photos as possible, safety should always come first.

What Comes After Trashing the Gown?

Contrary to popular thinking that those who trash their dress would not have a wedding dress to preserve, it is not. In fact, you can still have your dress restored and preserved after you trash it. However, necessary preparations should be made before trashing it.

The fabric of the dress could also be a determining factor if you can use your dress to your trash the dress photo shoot. A silk gown can be almost impossible to remove all the wrinkles once it has been in water. Some types of silk like silk chiffon, silk organza, and rough silk weave do better than silk when it comes to TTD session in water. If the fiber content of your dress is 100% polyester go ahead and ride a bike, go hiking, go sky diving or anything you wish to be the setting of your photo shoot since a professional cleaner can bring the life back to your gown. Unless your wedding dress got cut up, tear up, or set on fire, a cleaner who specializes in wedding gown cleaning can still save your dress.