7 Easy Tips on How to Pick Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids dresses have changed dramatically over the years since more of these dresses have shown the latest in the fashion industry. Gone are the days when bridesmaids have to wear ridiculously looking dresses that they will just wear once, then store after and never to see the light of day again. Brides know that her bridesmaids need to look their best and with the huge selection for attendants, it is for certain that finding the right dresses, is going to be a fun filled day. To start your search for the most suitable dresses for them, here are some tips:

1. What is the Wedding Theme

Your choice of color and the style of the wedding should also reflect the dresses of your bridesmaids. Will you be having a classic, modern, or maybe a vintage wedding? Make certain that your choice of color will not overpower your gown. If you are going to use blue as your theme, their dresses may also have that same color. Also, take a look at your wedding dress since this can also help in your choice. Find a style that can also transcend the same feel as how you feel over your dress and avoid choosing dresses that will make them look heavy or sexless.

2. Get the Right Fabric

Your bridesmaids will not be comfortable with wearing heavy fabric during a hot summer day. Choose fabrics that are smooth and comfortable like chiffon, crepe and georgette. If you are getting married during winter, silk is a good choice. If you will be having a summer wedding, choose light fabric.

3. Dresses are not One Size Fits All

Each body types are different and it is also the same for bridesmaids. Every bridesmaid wants to feel comfortable and pretty at the wedding so it is advisable to find dresses that will make them feel at ease. Be conscious about their soft-spots like some girls do not like to show off their arms, while others feel the need to wear a normal bra.  To make everyone happy, find a style that flatters the different sizes and shapes of your attendants. Find dresses that are simple and easy to wear.

Types of dresses to think about:

  • Tea-length dress. This can be found in soft, fluid chiffon, Georgette, lace and satin that are designed with asymmetrical, flutter, hemlines and double-tier layers.
  • Strapless A-line and Sheath dresses. Can be found in a variety of flattering lengths, rich fabrics and stunning tones.

4. When is Your Wedding

Fall weddings may require wraps especially when the weather turns cold. For winter, bridesmaids can choose dresses that are decorated with lots of silver and gold. Opt for heavier satins or velvets for fall and winter. But, this summer choose bright colors such as tangerine tango, then paired with a more subtle shades like sand, beige, and taupe as accent. You could also choose yellow since this is a fun choice for summer, but make certain that your bridesmaids skin tones will match the color. Don’t go too mustardy or too pale, just to play it safe. Go simple on the shape of the dress such as a simple strapless pencil skirt sheath paired with a bright ¾ length cardigan. When it comes to the fabric for spring and summer chiffon and silk are common.

5. Ask What They Think

Ask your bridesmaids about the type of dress that they like and also the budget that they can put on a dress. Affordable bridesmaids dresses should go $100 to $300, if they fall short on that budget and you still want them to wear a particular dress that is not on their price range, consider covering the difference yourself. Show your bridesmaids about the different styles you think they might be wearing and listen to their feedback. After that, put notes beside each name of your bridesmaids and the kind of dress they might look good on.

6. What Else Will They Need

As bridesmaids are all different, considering their accessories should also be put to mind. Although you could ask them to put their own ensemble. However, additional accessories are needed especially for body-conscious bridesmaids. A strategically placed shawl, scarf or a bolero can easily make a bridesmaid feel comfortable with the dress she is wearing. The same goes with the right accessories of jewelry.

7. Be Flexible, but Consider, It is Still Your Day

While you want to make everyone happy by allowing your bridesmaids to have as much input on the type of dresses they would be wearing, do not forget that it is still your day. Always be reasonable with your choices, but try not to buckle under pressure. Make your bridesmaids understand that they are there to support you and ideally work on how your vision can become a reality.