10 Tips to Finding The Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress for Brides

Weddings are not just made for brides with the right curves. The truth is, a large portion of wedding dresses are meant for the plus sized women and bridal salons know this fact. If you belong to the plus sized category, don’t be scared trying on dresses. For sure, the perfect dress is just there
waiting for you to find. Keep in mind that more and more brides naturally want to strut their stuff on their special day and that includes brides with those bodylicious curves, pregnant brides and even brides who just had a baby so the demand for plus size bridal dresses in boutiques are high.

With Adele, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson so popular and respected in their fields, it is also no wonder that full-figured women are being natural with what they want in their bridal dresses. Protruding tummies and butts will not hinder these beautiful women since nowadays, nobody cares about plump arms and heavy bosoms that goes with a protruding tummy. Most guests will care about how happy and glowing the bride looks. However, with the changes in attitude towards the plus-size, it is still important that the bride looks comfortable with the choice of dress.

Similar to brides with a regular size, finding a dress for a full-sized woman is the same, but with some little extras. We have put a couple of tips to get you started in your quest to finding that perfect plus size wedding dress.

1. Know Where to Shop. There are so many bridal shops even on the Internet. The problem however, is that they may not have it in your size. Call their shop first before setting an appointment with them. Once you find that they can accommodate you, then get a schedule and have fun on their boutique. You can also check out these sites:

2. Choose a Comfortable Dress. Finding the right dress may still take time. But don’t worry because every bride experiences the same difficulties as what you are experiencing. But, make sure to find a dress that will make you feel comfortable. Your whole day will be spent smiling, standing, sitting, dancing and walking so it is just natural to find a dress that is comfortable.

3. Know Your Shape.  Of course, you want to find a dress that suits your figure. For instance, an A-line shape naturally matches curvier brides because it skims over the hips. Better stay away from full ball gown skirts since this will just add additional roundness on you. Also, stay away from tea-length gowns because this will make you shorter.

4. Choose Materials that Flatters Your Body. Fabrics such as satin or silk dupioni are good choices. Fabrics with ribbed, creased, folded or laced must be avoided because they will just effortlessly mask heavier areas. Although some may consider hiding these areas, some brides on the other hand, do not want to hide any more areas as they naturally want to flaunt their body.

5. Do not be Afraid to Show Yourself. Just because sleeveless gowns may not be right for full-figured woman, does not mean you cannot wear it. If it is rightfully yours and you feel comfortable with how you look, then choose that type of dress. Brides differ in style and even if you are searching for a plus size gown, make sure that the gown you are looking for will show who you are.

Dressing a Plus Size Bride

6. Wear a Wedding Jacket. Wedding jackets mostly look great for any type of dress and can be the perfect accessory for brides. Choices of styles are with laces, luster, satin, embroidered, and silk.

7. Wear a Corset Bodice. Wearing a corset bodice can bring out the waistline that will make brides look even slimmer. There is no need to wear a jacket if you are going to wear this one. But, do not choose a dress with puffy sleeves because this will add to your size.

8. Wear a V-Neck Gown.  But, it is also necessary not to have it too deep that it will show much of your cleavage although it can still work to your advantage. If you are not comfortable with showing too much, you can wear a scoop neckline.

9. Wear a Princess Silhouette. This will help you look slimmer and thinner because it does not help in defining the waist. A ball gown silhouette on the other hand, can also make you look think and longer, but this silhouette can add attention to your hips.

10. Do not Wear a Dress with too much Embroidery or Baubles. You mostly want attraction and not distraction so avoid wearing a dress with too much embroidery or baubles. Make sure that all eyes are on you so avoid this type of dress.