Why Have a Destination Wedding in Wilson Island

Want to throw a wedding no one will forget? What if you can have a wedding in an secluded island with just a few of your close family and friends as witness to your union? Well, this is all possible if you can find an island that will just give you what you want. One great place for a destination wedding that can give you that romantic and luxurious event is with Wilson Island in Australia. Wilson Island is very different from any type of destination wedding available since the island is a very private place that will allow guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Since it is a remote island, couples and their guests will have a day of isolation from the outside world while still enjoying the great nature itself. Wilson Island offers the natural beauty surrounding them. With its spectacular mushrooming coral formations of different colors such as shimmering blues, yellows, oranges, pinks, and the like made by the Great Barrier Reef nature itself. And, mutton birds nesting at peace on pandamus trees. Don’t forget the tiny green turtles fresh from hatching as they dash down to the shore. This island is perfect for brides and grooms as they will experience a wedding that is truly close to nature.

What to Expect

Just 40 minutes from Heron Island, guests will be welcomed with designer-inspired tented accommodation made for six couples, each room with their own striking view of the ocean. Before the wedding even happens, everyone can spend their days exploring this tiny island or just go snorkeling. The couple together with their guests can also watch whales breaching near  the island, or just relax in a hammock while reading a good book. Then, finish the day by having a grand feast made by their chef and bartender. The island is also the nesting location for two vulnerable turtle species, which guests may experience in seeing. However, there are some precautions given to guests especially during the turtle egg laying season, which begins in November and turtle hatching during January to May.

Getting a Reservation

To get a reservation, get in touch with the Wilson Island Events Department that is based in Melbourne. They will mostly provide and answer any questions their clients may have regarding their wedding package and any guest requirements and boat transfers. After booking, the event coordinator will contact the couple for other arrangements and details regarding their wedding.

Choices for the Wedding Ceremony

Since Wilson Island is perfect in its own right, couples will have a festive time finding their own special spot to where they will hold their own ceremony. Couples may enjoy saying their vows in a garden with an ocean view or choose from a number of soft white powder sand beaches that are just around the island.

Dining on the Island

The couple and their guests will for certain enjoy the festive treat on the island as they are pampered with food cooked by their chef in the open kitchen in The Longhouse. Start the day with a tropical buffet, smorgasbord for lunch, and finish the night with a dinner party, light music and lit candles. Their bar is also filled with premium Australian wine, beer, soft drinks and bottled water.

Comfortable Accommodation

Wilson Island offers designer-inspired tent accommodations with panoramic reef and ocean views that are considered the most relaxing accommodation anyone can receive from the Great Barrier Reef made especially for couples who will also be on their honeymoon. Couples will be able to enjoy their King size bed with duvets and pillows, comfortable deck chairs and hammocks on the outdoor deck, and private shower and dressing area.

With all the great advantages of what Wilson Island can give brides and grooms on their wedding, there is no doubt that this is the only place they would want to stay and be shipwrecked.