Montelucia Resort & Spa

Top Wedding Destinations: Montelucia Resort & Spa

If you’re looking for a great wedding place in Arizona, try this great find at Scottsdale, Arizona. The Montelucia Resort & Spa is one of the top wedding destinations in Arizona. It is not just your daily resort vacation and spa place. It’s also a perfect getaway for many special events. Your most precious wedding, prepared with great attention to detail, will be more memorable than you can ever imagine here in Montelucia. The setting is great, very simple yet elegant for a formal wedding. The atmosphere, especially at sunset, is just pleasant and divine. After the wedding, you can even hold your honeymoon with their sweet and romantic suites and rooms.

Accommodation Rooms

If you ever need a room for your first night as a couple, Montelucia has splendid suites for you to stay in. The interiors are spacious and the design is pretty much elegant and ornate. Their furniture is the standard rococo design for luxurious hotels, but they’re very comfortable and very convenient. They have the basic room features like a bed, a nearby couch area, a side table to settle some petty businesses, and the likes. The tables and couch are in hard wood, the mattress and pillows are high quality to provide more comfort. There’s also a bathroom with an equally breath taking interior design, fit for a king and queen’s bath. The protruding veranda also has chairs and tables for a morning chat with your new wife or husband.  The overall ambiance of really fits the peace and solitude that a newlywed must have on their first nights.

If you want, you can upgrade your stay to a Presidential Suite. Splurge a little more and you can stay at a very luxurious and more spacious hotel room with your loved one. You can accommodate guests for a while in their very spacious room, even more spacious than the suites themselves. The theme is dominantly Moroccan, so you’d really feel the converging cultures of the East and the West in these rooms. You must also enjoy the refreshing morning air outside in the wide veranda area.

If you have guests from out of town, why not invite them to stay at Montelucia’s guestrooms? They’re very comfortable and homey, with all the basic amenities they can find for their own vacation getaways, too. If you schedule your wedding near holidays, they’d surely take one of these guestrooms to take a vacation with you on Montelucia for sure.

Spas and Pools

If the both of you want to just unwind together, the Montelucia is highly known for their spa and massage services. They have very warm and accommodating masseuses who will make sure that you experience total relaxation. The Joya Spa is actually a separate venue from the hotel itself, and has well established its name as one of the most popular and relaxing massage spots in the country. As such, you may want to take advantage of the spa experience while you’re there.

While he takes on the sauna, you may have the massage services. The masseuses will be very accommodating and very friendly. You can expect great service from the staff of Joya Spa. They give great massages, as well as facial care and body treatments. You can also go to their Fitness Center with standard gym equipments. The place’s Morrocan interiors can also help you set the mood to just let go and relax into a desert oasis. The spa suites have very comfortable beddings and furniture, so the whole place is just meant for you to relax.

You can take the pools as another honeymoon activity between the two of you. Just you and your significant other bathing in the waters is definitely a great idea. You can have fun in the humongous Kasbah and Oasis Pools. You may encounter families and other visitors, but the pools are just so large that you’d find a spot for the both of you. There is also plenty of seats around the pools if you just want to sunbathe together while looking at the spectacular view of Camelback Mountains. The Joya Spa also has a pool in the Joya Terrace where adults can swim secluded from most of the visitors. The pool is small but it’s pretty much secluded from the other pools. After the spa, you can directly dip in and relax more in the cooling waters.  It’s also located in the rooftop of Montelucia, giving you a picturesque view of the Sonoran Desert and Camelback Mountains.

Food and Dining

When it comes to food and dining, expect only the best Mediterranean cuisine in Prado and Central Lounge. The warm patio of the Prado would definitely kick start your appetite, while the white and clean interiors of the Central Lounge is ideal for private chats. If a newlywed couple should eat in Montelucia, they must definitely try to eat in Crave Café. They serve chocolates and gelato and more chocolates; just the sweets shop café the both of you would like to have a chat on. Joya Terrace also serves healthy food options for the figure conscious brides.

Image Source: Montelucia Resort & Spa