Top Budget Caribbean Wedding Destinations

Caribbean is a top choice of couples either for wedding or for those on honeymoon. Who wouldn’t fall in love with their pristine white beaches, glowing sunset and friendly people? Planning to do a Caribbean wedding or honeymoon isn’t exactly cheap though. But no worries, there are top destinations that can suit every person’s budget and the Caribbean Islands is no exception. Some Caribbean Islands like the Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Puerto Rico offer some of the best-priced dining and accommodation that can compete with their more expensive counterparts. Instead of large hotels, consider smaller places like villas or lodges that offer cheaper rates but just the same are lovely alternatives.

Before planning for a Caribbean wedding destination, consider the following places of interest and check which one is the best option for you. Pick a place that suits your budget and taste. There are also many activities to choose from.

Charming Islands That Captivate

  • The Bahamas is a group of Islands that is easily accessible from many places. It is only about 50 miles away from Florida and is a top winter holiday destination. People in Bahamas are also very friendly and are known for their smiles. With 700 islands to choose from, couples can’t go wrong in choosing the Bahamas.
  • Dominican Republic is another popular destination for the budget conscious couple. It offers variety of places from beach to gardens overlooking the ocean. There are also so many things to do- snorkeling, soaking under the sun, scuba diving and horseback riding are just some of the many things couples can do together on their honeymoon.
  • For the fun and music loving couple, Jamaica is just the right place to wed or honeymoon. The place oozes with art, reggae music, yummy patties, relaxed atmosphere and pocket-friendly rum. Going there is also a breeze. Activities include going to the Bob Marley museum, shopping at craft stores, boat riding and kayaking, snorkeling, visiting historical places and for the more daring couples, cliff-diving.
  •  A small island near Aruba that is known for its black sand beaches called Monserrat, was known to be a rock haven in 1970’s and 1980’s until it was plagued by volcanic eruption in 1990’s. For the couple who wants a secluded get-away place but still want to enjoy clear waters, Monserrat offers a variety of beaches to suit every taste. Black sand beaches are common as an evidence of the volcanic eruptions, but there is one white beach that is accessible by hiking or by boat. This is the Rendezvous Bay, which will surprise and delight every couple.
  • The Spanish Islands of Puerto Rico is home to rainforest, beautiful people, vibrant culture and lovely beaches. For Americans, it is an easy destination to go to because it is a US territory and no passport is required. English speaking couples can also find it very easy to communicate with the staff of hotels and villas. Whether it’s a rainforest wedding destination or a beach wedding, Puerto Rico does give two charming alternatives. Of course the rich Spanish culture also guarantees sumptuous dining at its best.
  • Also near Aruba and Monserrat, is another fun-loving island that is perfect for the more adventurous couple. Known for casino-resorts and self-service chalet, Saint Kitts is a bustling island to tour. Couples can tour the island in cheap mini buses to destinations like the shores and the historical Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park.
  • From southeast of Puerto Rico about 150 miles away, Saint Maarten is known as the “Crossroads of the Caribbean”. Couples can take advantage of the English speaking island that is known for calm waters with excellent visibility. Powdery white sand beaches is perfect for strolling and the clear waters make it a perfect place for couples who both love a good soak and stroll along the beach. Fun activities include swimming, snorkeling, diving, biking and kayaking. This lovely island also offers great night life for the nocturnal dwelling couples.
  • Trinidad and Tobago are twin islands near the Venezuelan coastal waters that are known for colorful festivals, great cuisine and fine beaches for diving. It’s probably the best choice for the most budget conscious couples who shy away from expensive hotels. Charming cafes and guesthouses are cheaper alternatives, but nonetheless provide great amenities.

Planning for the perfect Caribbean Wedding destination need not be super expensive. By looking into these places, even the most budget conscious couple can find the best place to spend their wedding or honeymoon.