Summing Up Reasons Why Mexico is The Top Choice for Destination Weddings

Weddings that are held in a vacation location, typically away from the betrothed couple’s hometown, are what you call destination weddings. These destination weddings have been rapidly increasing in popularity over the recent years. Some destination weddings involve couples from inviting a few close family and friends to celebrate with them while others elope to an adventurous and exciting location. There are so many great places where couples can celebrate their union and one location that is particularly popular for weddings is Mexico.

So, Why is Mexico Popular?

It is not just about the beach since it has a bit of everything. Mexico naturally offers astonishing choices of natural scenery. From ancient archaeological sites such as the Mayan ruins to the pyramid-lined Avenue of the Dead. The country is surrounded by tropical forest vegetation, pines forest in the highlands, cosmopolitan cities with modern architecture, and small towns that are close to the desert or close to the shore. Of course, the array of choices of beaches with its blue sea and white sands hold great attraction to tourists making Mexico top as the perfect wedding destination.

Why Choose Mexico

Choices of beaches. Although Mexico has a lot to offer, this country is still popular because of the choices of great beaches. From the most popular tourist areas to more intimate exotic locations. Couples may even find the task of finding the right beach overwhelming since they will be greeted with tons of options.

Value for money. Compared if you are going to have your wedding locally, getting married in Mexico will allow you to save. Some may think that destination weddings are expensive, but it is not. Getting married there wouldn’t be this popular if weddings in Mexico are not affordable! Options from finding jungle escapes, desert hideaways, then going to the comfort of a luxurious room is all possible. On-site planners will be readily available together with resorts who have a lot of experience in handling weddings such as yours can be taken advantage of at a budget that is reasonable.

Your Choices

There are a lot of great places to have your wedding in Mexico. Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta are just some of the most popular places for brides and grooms.

Cancun. Cancun is a small Mexican island that is a paradise for the romantics. Located along the Yucatan Peninsula, couples and their guests can easily reach some of the most impressive Mayan ruins. And, with its white powdery beaches, blue crystal waters and corals makes this place the perfect setting for a beach wedding. The Cancun Hotel Zone and the Bahia de Mujarez are known for the best swimming areas in the region.

Riviera Maya. The region of the Riviera Maya owns some of the hot and popular resorts for 2013. With its rich history and culture, beautiful beaches, choices of all-inclusive resorts, and great wedding venues it is no wonder that more brides are searching for the right resort to have their dream wedding there. Both El Dorado Royale and Excellence Riviera Cancun resorts offer all-inclusive value and exceptional wedding packages that brides find hard to resist.

Cozumel. This place is just off of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and has some of the world’s best diving spots. Cozumel also has some of the most attractive resorts that contrast with the empty stretch of beaches with a tropical atmosphere. The Grand Cozumel Hotel even offers an underwater wedding since the island is an ideal choice for scuba divers. A visit to the island also includes seeing the Nichupte Lagoon and Mayan ruins.

Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas offers activities such as horseback riding, golfing, marlin fishing, and boating. It is just along the line of the Pacific coast and the shoreline of the Sea of Cortez.

Puerto Vallarta. Surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains, beautiful old colonial buildings and architecture with new hotels, resorts and shopping centers. This  region is one of the top wedding locations on the island. It offers the largest natural bay, and a large number of beaches that has a variety of wedding packages, which makes it a popular place for weddings and honeymooners.

What You will Need

Residency requirements. This can take two to four days to complete.

Other necessary documents. Passports, drivers licenses, certified copy of your birth certificate that has already been translated and notarized by the Mexican Consulate with legal authority over the place of birth, copy of tourist card or visa, names, addresses, nationalities, ages, and tourist-card numbers of four of your witnesses.

Make certain that before even planning to go to Mexico, better get these requirements ready. You could also get more information about their marriage requirements since this still depends on the city where you are getting married.

What to Expect

Fun. Getting married in this beautiful country will allow you and your guests to have fun! Its carefree vibe has a lot to say. With rocking nightclubs, intimate restaurants, romantic outings, astonishing scenery, great bars, and beautiful beaches would make your wedding an unforgettable event.

Culture and tradition. If you are going to have a traditional wedding, take advantage of what you can create with your destination wedding. Mexico is a Roman Catholic country; therefore, weddings may happen within a nuptial Mass. At the reception, you could play Mariachi music since this is an essential part of a Mexican wedding, then let kids enjoy the celebration by including piñata as this is also part of their wedding tradition.

Mexico loves gatherings and they are always looking for something to celebrate. So, while you are celebrating your union in their country, that warmth festive mood the air brings will let you feel that the whole country is also celebrating with you.